Java/J2EE developer position

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sam smith in Fayetteville, Georgia

99 months ago

I have java/j2ee developer position face to face interview with 3 development manager. What kind of interview is this, what kind of questions they usually ask. Are their any behavioural questions, written technical test,etc. please help my interview is on monday

Wayne in Leander, Texas

99 months ago

I've interview three times in the last seven years, with small, independent companies. In each, I talked with several developers, answered tech questions, wrote a little code, and talked with managers. They generally try to find out if you're legit, easy to communicate with, personable. They all expect 50+ hours/week commitment (or more!)

If you are interviewing with a large company, they will likely have a more elaborate and structured process. Perhaps a personality test, though I've never met anyone who's had to take one. Some companies require drug testing, but I think that's rare.

Learn details about the company/product beforehand. Dress smart, well-groomed. Be relaxed, confident and honest. Let your personality show. If they won't like the real you, you won't like working there anyway. Good luck!

Cox Developer in Mission Viejo, California

98 months ago

I work for Cox and have work there for many years as a programmer/developer. Wayn'es comments are almost spot on. Good suggestions for nay interview. Cox is a manadory drug test house. If you don't pass the wiz quiz you don't stay.

The Truth in Trabuco Canyon, California

93 months ago

Cox is a pos company

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