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What do you think - will Creative Circle grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does Creative Circle stack up against the competition?

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Do not work there in Chicago, Illinois

119 months ago

No they won't.

Here's why as stated other places on this forum:

I just finished an email with Creative Circle and they are very dishonest here in Chicago.

Whenever you call to speak to them you have to leave a written message with the front admin because they do not have voicemail.

Nobody there does and they are in a high rise on Michigan Ave in 2008?!

That's a little too hard to swallow.

They are very poor at communication and spotting bugs in their e-mailing system. After months of communicating with them through my Yahoo address they said there was a glitch in their system that didn't aloow them to receive Yahoo e-mails--and that was the only time I ever spoke with them on the phone was when they called to tell me about that. Even with my Yahoo account they are unresponsive.

Do not work for Creative Circle. It is a waste of time to even apply to them in the first place.

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andrij in Montclair, New Jersey

106 months ago

Creative Circle in New York is worthless and unprofessional!

Having registered with them, with the best professional intentions, I received a call from one of their recruiters. She addressed with a "bratty" tone, over the phone, spoke a mile-a-minute, and said I should come in for talk... that "I know the drill".

When I arrived, I waited in the entry lounge, while a group of employees were goofing off in the hallway in front of me. No on came up to me to ask me if I needed some help, or if I were waiting for someone. Finally, I approached them, and said that I was there for an interview. I was escorted to a small interview room, where I waited another 20 minutes. Finally, the recruiter came in, gave me a canned intro (very quickly), wasn't particularly interested in my professional needs.

Every time I respond to postings and emails that fit my capabilities, I receive absolutely no responses from the group. When I call, everyone's in a meeting. When I leave messages, no one returns them.

I find Creative Circle very amateurish as a firm representing the creative community. They're definitely NOT professional recruiters, and most of the 20-something recruiters and account execs have no experience in the advertising and branding arena. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

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YY in Chicago, Illinois

105 months ago

They are the absolute worst recruiters in the city. They have no idea what creatives actually do, so they have no clue about the jobs they try and place people in.
One place where I worked they had hired a full time 'writer' from Creative Circle, only for the company to find out he had no writing background.
They will do anything for money and don't care about getting to know their candiates.
Very impersonal, very unprofessional.

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That Guy in Brooklyn, New York

78 months ago

They're terrible. Rude, unprofessional and they post fake jobs to fatten their applicant pool. I know this and anyone who searches for a job on numerous sites for a long enough time will figure it out soon enough. It reeks of applicant/data mining to fatten their applicant pool. Why? Either they get paid for bringing in resumes regardless of placement or they just want to be able to tell clients they have x number of applicants with such and such a skill, etc to make themselves look better.

There's something going there that isn't right. Just doesn't pass the smell test. No doubt they've helped some people but the overwhelming majority of what I've heard has been negative and that includes my own experiences.

Don't waste your time because that's exactly what this FARCE of a recruiting agency is.

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Sascha in Chicago, Illinois

78 months ago

They are horrible. I will never work with them again. I used to date on of the 'partners' who bragged about how much his bonus was each month, meanwhile I was stupid enough to take some jobs for a quarter of what I make now. You're better off networking, cold calling-even using facebook.
One of the recruiters at FCB here in Chicago said she would never do business with Creative Circle again. Having gone 'behind the scenese' I know that they do not respect creatives and they are just plain greedy. If you want to know about the owner, google 'cancer for cash' and read the article. It will all make sense. They are dishonest, stupid alcoholics, yet laughing all the way to the bank.
What goes around comes around...I can only hope!

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