How is working as a pharmacy cashier like @ CVS?

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oldlady in New York, New York

105 months ago

I am a beuty consultant in CVS NY. This company does not work with employees and with technology unless there is a strong need to increae the wealth of the company. you should speak with a pharm employee at a CVS near you. I have only front store experience which is not the emphasis of CVS. good luck

try-n-2-hang-in-there in Georgia

105 months ago

I don't know about the pharmacy registers, but our front store registers are touch screen. We can pull up customers names and phone numbers and email addy only, no other info from the registers on the actual customers. We can look at customers photo orders, by name, number etc, but it does not tell us everything about the customer. Only the order info and the name and phone number and email. Now the touch screens in the pharmacy may be different.
Be ready to be more or less accused of stealing, being told they are watching you at all times and that most of the loss of profit is from employees stealing from within the store yet you see a customer pick something up and if you handle the situation to openly you can loose your job. And don't think they won't use those cameras to set you up to be fired. I have seen them in action at finding a "looks like it could be theft" action on camera to have a reason to get rid of an employee who they feel is not wanting to follow the rules even though it is rules that are damaging the company and they (upper mgmt) don't see the real dirt as they only come to stores to check up on procedures being followed, not to really see how well the staff can work with there own ideas and make the company grow and have a good profit. There is so much the company could to to help profit yet they cut hours and then pay high dollars to waste money on stuff like dinner for corporate visits. They can't or don't want to pay me to work and get money for the comany but they can waste that money on foods for the BIG GUYS!

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