What's the company culture at Daniel A. Winters & Co., Cpas?

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Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Daniel A. Winters & Co., Cpas?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Daniel A. Winters & Co., Cpas?

JerseyJessie in Jersey City, New Jersey

52 months ago

The office culture is absolutely a horrible environment to work in and be a part of. During your initial interview they told me I would receive a annual review/raise, however I worked there for 3 years and not 1 review was issued to me. All of my co-workers had the same experience, generally you will get a review once every 2.5 to 4 years. One of the seniors there didnt get a review for over 5 years. One of the partners is a great man, extremely helpful and strives to help each professional grow. The other partner is quite the opposite and is extremely difficult to work with.

The dress is full on suits.

Folks do not get together often, mostly because the hours worked with the same small group is excessive especially during the months of January through April where the employees work 6 full days a week.

A typical day at the company is like the movie the office only not funny when you are in it, everyone complains all day as to how bad it is there and how they are quiting if they dont get a review...

If you do work there and travel, please be prepared to spend your own money on the road because the daily per diem is less than what my grandfather was getting when he retired in 1974 (he received $35/day then).

After almost 3 years there the most positive thing I can think to say about working there is that I will never have a worse job in my life.

DillyDally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

36 months ago

The culture is absolutely horrible. Certain high level seniors will back stab you as soon as possible. The partners like anger the clients and then send in lower level employees to deal with them since they are to scared to. You couldn't possible believe how bad the situation there is. It sounds like a TV show.

The partners try to have a "professional" environment. It could be nothing from the truth. I would describe the back more like the wild west. The older partner walks around all day like a school teacher seeing if people are out of their seats socializing. If you don't put enough hours in the one partner will come up with projects just to make you work late. These projects have no importance to the firm.

I don't see how a job could be worse than this one.

Hardwork4u in South, New Jersey

30 months ago

Well the other reviews pretty much have the place described pretty well. Just to confirm everything:
1. Payroll Staff/Staff Auditor- Same turnover and same dull people you have to deal with
2. One of the partners really stresses the idea of "giving 110%" which is fine, and believe me I am that guy. But here 110% is required (like Bill Lumbergh from office space… "um yeaaa I'm going to have to ask you to come in on Saturday). For example when I was hired I had a 8HR day, day one I stated to have a 10HR day, and this job was salary, I felt as if they were taking advantage of me. They will offer you an OK salary, and in return want to own your soul….
3. Be prepared to be in the office, in a closed room, for about a month with other new hires, just reading AICPA codifications. This gives you a great opportunity to bond with your co-workers, but it quite ridiculous and no one would ever learn the amount of material that they throw at you. I'm talking around 2,800+ pages of AICPA lit.
4. The suit thing is also an old and outdated view on how things work. I understand when you are meeting with a client to look your best, but there is no reason that you have to dress professional just to work in the office, but that is my personal opinion.
5. Dad works there and acts like an old man, and he is awesome! He is a partner, but I don't think he does any actual work; one can be entertained for days just watching what he does next. He will give people back handed comments such as "lean cuisine doesn't seem to be working for ya". Man I hope that guy gets his own show!
6. I felt that I was a "little kid" while I was there, and felt meaningless, insignifficant,belittled and just felt as if no one wanted to be working there.
I do know this job made me love my job NOW so much more then I would have if I didn't work here first… and I thank them for that… If you are at your wits end try this place to work; see if you can stand it for a while it might be the foot in the door t

Hardwork4u in South, New Jersey

30 months ago

I do know this job made me love my job NOW so much more then I would have if I didn't work here first… and I thank them for that… If you are at your wits end try this place to work; see if you can stand it for a while it might be the foot in the door that you need, but don’t make this place your first accounting working experience, it might ruin your life!
P.S. - Most of the people I started with ended up finding new jobs (better JOBS) within a year of working there!

Joe Gagill in Ellenville, New York

30 months ago

how big is this firm

Hardwork4u in South, New Jersey

30 months ago

Joe Gagill in Ellenville, New York said: how big is this firm

10-15 people

CPA wannabe in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

29 months ago

Joe Gagill in Ellenville, New York said: how big is this firm

And getting smaller

Brokensoul in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

27 months ago

Everything stated above is 100% true. If you make the decision to accept a job here after reading these reviews, you get what you deserved! Every good thing that you will be told in the interview process will be a complete lie!! The only good thing there was that they bought a bunch of bagels for everyone Friday mornings for breakfast but the problem is that they are so cheap that they freeze leftover bagels and put them out the next week. Mind you they don't separate the new bagels from the old ones. Good luck to anyone that decides to work, I hope you can deal with people that don't know how to interact with humans.

A in Kingston, Pennsylvania

9 months ago

I had read these previous comments after I had accepted an offer for DAWCO, and was rather worried about how the job would go. I had worked there for a full year, and can honestly say it was not that bad up until I decided to put in my 2 weeks. Yes there were days that I did not want to be there and had a bad day, but that happens to everyone no matter what their job. The reason I did not find the job all that bad was because I enjoyed the people I worked with. My fellow staff, seniors, and payroll auditors I considered friends. The partners I just thought to be normal bosses, where they aren't exactly a friend but you respected them because of their knowledge and seniority. I felt that way until I had put in my 2 weeks. To spare some of the details lets just say the conversation I had went the exact opposite as I expected. I went in with all intentions of leaving on a positive note and not burning any bridges. However, there were some comments made to me that had taken me aback and I did not appreciate about myself. They were not in my opinion constructive criticism but downright bullying. Which after the conversation I had lost the respect I had for my one partner and was hurt that someone would say what was said in our meeting. On the other hand, the other partner of the firm did not speak more than 10 total words to me from putting in my 2 weeks until the day I left, not even a goodbye or good luck on your future endeavors. This was also quite shocking to me, for he had been quite a nice man to work with and I had hoped to end my career at DAWCO in better fashion.

A in Kingston, Pennsylvania

9 months ago

Furthermore, on day 1 of work they had said you accrue your vacation after 1 full year of work. I had put in 1 full year, and used a few out of my total vacation days. I had not received payment after 2 pay periods for the remaining vacation and contacted the firm. They told me vacation does not start until the month following a full calendar year and the following 1st of the next month. Therefore, since I had worked 12 full months instead of 13 months, which was never told to the new hires, nor was it in writing for me or anyone to see, I had lost out on a significant amount of money. Also, I had been studying for the CPA and had the firm purchase 75% of my materials as they said they would. I was unable to finish the CPA while under employment at DAWCO, and was asked to pay back my portion of materials, which I did. Yet they couldn't pay my vacation. I was extremely disappointed in that.

I am not here to make the firm look like the worst place in the world to work. But I've heard more and been through more bad stories dealing with management than good stories. Therefore, if you are a new hire I urge you to strongly think about your decision in joining this firm. I felt letdown and thought if I had the firms back they would have mine, and I was sorely mistaken.

Good luck.

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