How to get a job at Davita.

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Do you work at Davita? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

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Tysheka Williams in New Orleans, Louisiana

109 months ago

I REALLY trying to apply for this job and i want to know how could i apply for this job I am a certifide nurse asst.

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Ron Goldstien in Long Beach, California

108 months ago

My friend used to work there at the corporate office in El Segundo, CA. I have been to the corporate office and it is a nice looking facility. However, they treat their employees like crap. I don't recommend getting a job their if you know what's best for you. If you are looking for longevity and stability, DaVita corporate is not the choice for you. They scream core values and do not abide by any of them. Very contradicting company as is the President and CEO. He does backflips down the hallway and he is 50 years old. Crazy!

In sum, I know plenty of people that have dedicated their life to DaVita, which in my opinion is crazy, but DaVita screwed them over big time. If you go on an interview ask them what their turnover rate is. You will be blown away!!

*If you are a nurse.....two thumbs up. Go for it!

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Susan in Granite City, Illinois

108 months ago

Ron is right-- they do treat the employees like crap.
I worked for a clinic that had a totally inept floozy working as the facility administrator.
Often she would schedule me as the only RN in a 12 chair clinic for a 15 hour day. It was impossible to take a break.

Meanwhile she'd be running around town getting her hair and nails done. When she did show up for work she'd wear low cut dresses, high heals, huge fake nails and (I'm not exaggerating) false eye lashes.
The morale was so low at that clinic, and out of desperation I wrote to some higher- ups in the company asking for help because she was running the clinic into the ground. Well, guess what? They gave her a copy of my letter, and 2 weeks later I was fired for fabricated reasons.
Even the medical director of the facilty tried to step in on my behalf, to no avail. I had worked there for 10 years.
Life goes on and now I'm happily employed at a hospital as a critical care nurse.

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Richard_Green in Atlanta, Georgia

99 months ago

How much does Davita pay thier Reuse techs?
Howm nay hours a week does a Reuse Tech make?

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Disappointed in Hurricane, West Virginia

62 months ago

I applied for a position with Davita back in late December 2010. I was called by Davita at the end of January 2011. I went through 4 phone interviews that week. I was told I was a definate candidate for the Patient Liasion position since I had experience in the medical field. I was told that once some other candidates were spoken to I would be contacted for an "In Person" interview. At least once per week I would email the person I was in contact with to make sure of my status. Finally on March 22 2011 I had the face to face interview. The man that interviewed started off by saying " Everyone that has spoken with you just loves you and thinks that you are a perfect fit for Davita". He proceeded to tell me what my responsibilities would be and also asked if I had spoken with my former employer about making the job move and if they were alright with me leaving them? I told them that it would be fine, I was ready to work for them and I would be excellent at this position because of my experience. He told me what I would be provided (laptop, etc..). All in all the interview went well. Upon leaving the interview I was told that he looked forward to working with me and that we would make a great team! Also told me that the girl from Human Resources would be calling me on Friday to give me salary and benefit details. I left the interview so excited. I was waiting until the call from human resources on Friday before I gave my official notice. I received a phone message from human resources on Friday telling me that I did not get the job, and they would keep my info on file. WHAT? Not only was I devastated because of how mislead I had been but not even the decency to ask me to call back so that an actual person could tell me? After I have spent weeks hoping for this position, that is the least they could do. Thank God I didn't give my notice prior to Friday. Please be careful with this company. Interviewing process very misleading!!!

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Tia-Jones 34 in Severn, Maryland

13 months ago

Dannia in Chicago, Illinois said: you should also LEARN how SPELL (LEARN AND SPELL)before correcting someone else mistakes. Thank you !

Dannia I was thinking the same thing you have nerve to correct someone and misspelled learn and spell. People spell check is free if you're trying to correct others

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The greatest

7 months ago

It's funny because no one realized he wrote "two" instead of "to," nor did anyone pick up on the sarcasm.

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Anon in Little Elm, Texas

5 months ago

jessie jenkins in Inkster, Michigan in Birmingham, Michigan said: Iam seeking employment at davita dialysis in these cities inthe state of Michigan, Livionia, dearborn , Detroit and Westland . Iwould like to know why Iam having so many problems getting employment ther . Iam a Social Worker with a Masters' degree in Social Work . What do you thin the problem is?
Thank You kindly
MRs Jessie Jenkins

You do not want to be a social worker with DaVita. They squeeze 40 hours into a 32 hour week. If you do have a Masters degree, it is not showing in your writing which may be one of the reasons they have passed on you.

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Janet in Gretna, Louisiana

3 months ago

rohmell brills in paisely park, New York said: First, lern how two spel 'certified'.

Excuse me, it's learn not lern, and spell not spel

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