Transfer between offices

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Alexandra alex in Fremont, California

68 months ago

I did my internship at Deloitte in California and now I am working as a full time audit assistant since September 2009. I really like my job and want to keep it. Recently, I have found out that my fiance got a job in Colorado starting in February. What are my chances to transfer from the office in San Francisco, California to Denver office? Who does the transfer? How long does it take?

Boram Park in Palisades Park, New Jersey

64 months ago

Hello, I am a college student in NY.
I want to get some advice about Deloitte Internship, such as
how to prepare,or what is important, so on.
Could you let me know your e-mail adress?
My email is

Thank you^^

Vick in Fremont, California

48 months ago

Hi Alex,

Were you able to transfer? I got a tax internship at the San Jose office but would like to transfer to the SF office if they extend me a full time offer. Do you think it is possible to transfer? Thanks!!!

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