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Updated 35 minutes ago

Customer Service Agent: Gate/Ticket - Ready Reserve - 5136 Replies

[QUOTE who="Aisha in Jackson Heights, New York"]I really would appreciate it if those who have been interviewed whether f2f or on the ph can gibe me...


Is it usual to wait this long?

Applied as a CSA (Ready Reserve) in mid-March and completed a virtual interview about a week later. Small regional airport in HI. My status has been...


Delta Pre-Assessment Test

I am taking a pre-assessment test for Delta. I finished the assessment but when I made it to the end I could not review my questions. Delta reset my...

Hopeful CSA

Updated 16 days ago

What happens after the phone interview? - 2 Replies

Amen to that. I applied March through most of the process and even was told i got the Face to Face interview...But now it appears I am...


Updated 1 month ago

Job description: baggage create claim-ready reserve - 12 Replies

[QUOTE who=" in Dallas, Georgia"]Hello Has anyone got a call for the baggage agent ready reserve position. I am very interested in...


Do you have to pay for parking at the airport?

I applied to a CSA at LGA. I was wondering if Delta charges you to park or what the deal is. Thanks.

Updated 2 months ago

Delta Assessment - 1 Reply

I cannot find or get the assessment questions I must complete within 48 hrs


Updated 2 months ago

Phone Interview - 2 Replies

I'm sorry if I missed this, but what company/job is this for? I have NEVER asked a candidate for a passport. If it's for the I-9 paperwork, you are...


Updated 3 months ago

Reservations Agent: Trading/getting out of a shift during first 6 months - 178 Replies

Hello I have an in person interview tomorrow at the Tampa location for the reservation agent position. Can anyone tell me what to expect for the...


Updated 3 months ago

Working for two airlines - 2 Replies



Updated 3 months ago

re-applying - 2 Replies



Updated 4 months ago

Delta Ready Reserve CSA position - 2 Replies

I just got my phone interview Dic.15 I'm from Fl. A recruiter after finished, said my resume will move forward and I'll get some request by email and...


Updated 4 months ago


I got called back but didn't have my passport ready so I have to reschedule the phone interview. Which they said was okay. Once I get it to just...


Updated 4 months ago

ATLANTA Customer Experience/Gate Agent - 1 Reply

I applied maybe 3 weeks ago. I had a voicemail yesterday after getting off of work & it was delta I was super happy! I called them back today and the...


Updated 5 months ago

CSA Ticket Agent - Ready Reserve - 22 Replies

hello, Does anyone knows how can I contact Delta to see the status of my application? They called me three weeks ago and I passed the phone...


I Want To Work For Delta Airlines

Hello ALL.!! I noticed some of the threads were from years ago (and I do mean years ago) So I figured! Why not start something New as we head in...


Updated 6 months ago

Customer Service Agent: Ticketing/Gate (Ready Reserve) - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="CSA agent in msp in Saint Paul, Minnesota"]Hello, I work for Delta Airlines at MSP and I just want to inform you that you do need to...

Shelitha Bercey

Updated 6 months ago

Reservation Representative position in Atlanta - 33 Replies

Hey everyone, can someone tell me what questions they ask please? I'm applying for the Customer Experience Specialist and I don't want to mess the...


Updated 7 months ago

Training: Customer Service Agent: Gate/Ticket - Ready Reserve - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="elabearr in Islip Terrace, New York"]I just got a call today!! I start training the 25th ! Is any one else in that training for Delta...


Updated 7 months ago

Delta reservations dress code in Cincinnati, OH - 1 Reply

hey, youre post is from awhile back but I was trying to contact someone who works at your location as I was offered a conditional job offer pending...

LE in Riverdale, Georgia

Updated 8 months ago

Delta Reservation customer service specialist, Spanish - 2 Replies

I just checked my online status from Delta and it stated position offered

iam8732 in chester, Pennsylvania

delta, baggae handlers

I have had two interviews with delta..was wondering how long does the next process may take before I hear anything.. Any info would be greatly...

Jenny in Atlanta, Georgia

One airport or a multiple working as a Ticketing/Gate Agent?

I'd like to know if the Ticketing/Gate Agents only work the location they were hired or do they have the option to be open to working at different...

jlo28 in Augusta, Georgia

Training Times for Baggage Operations Call Center

Does anyone that has worked in the call center in Augusta Ga know the training times for BOCC?

Maria Isabel in New York, New York

Updated 11 months ago

Baggage Handler/Ramp Operator - 15 Replies

Hi all. I want to further my career into Delta by starting out as a baggage handler/ramp operator, however for the phone interview, what are the best...

Patrick Blanc in Saint Albans, New York

Updated 12 months ago

When do you start working after training? - 2 Replies

Hello, I recently got called for 2 weeks training for Ramp Agent position with Delta. How long after the training does the actual work start? Or do...

Patrick Blanc in Saint Albans, New York

Updated 12 months ago

Delta Airlines Baggage Handler (Ready Reserve) Hiring Process - 4 Replies

Okay, so... I applied to be a baggage handler at Los Angeles Airport for Delta Airlines. I filled out everything online then receieved...

Mila in Conyers, Georgia

Updated 13 months ago

How is the language test for the reservations positions? - 1 Reply

Specially for Spanish?? any one?

Sharky in Maspeth, New York

Updated 15 months ago

How to get a job at Delta. - 101 Replies

Do you work at Delta? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

AA in Florida

Updated 18 months ago

Delta Ready Reserve in LGA - 124 Replies

Hello All, Im currently in the hiring process for Delta Ready Reserve at LGA and just wanted to know if anyone whose held that position or similar...

Windsofchange in Orem, Utah

Updated 18 months ago

Delta Reservations Agent in Salt Lake City - 4 Replies

I was just wondering if anyone had applied for the reservations position that just opened here in Salt Lake, and if so what are the next steps? I...

cantwait2fly in Farmington, Michigan

Hiring experience Regional Elite/DGS Air Lines

I recently got conditionally hired at DGS, what has been your experience in how long it takes before you start the training and job?

Cindy Bonzano in augusta, Georgia

Baggage Service Agent - Spanish Speaking Requirement

did u someone applyfor this position in augusta plz reply this comment i really need to know the number that they give u after the interview they...

Ms. Dee in Berwyn, Illinois

Updated 32 months ago

Baggage Handler/Ramp Operator - JFK - 7 Replies

I recently applied for a baggage handler position at JFK. I called in the next day and did the phone interview with a recruiter. They said I...

Moe in Washington, District of Columbia


Thanks anyone knows the 1877 toll free number, because i did the assesment test then it says congratulations then i received an email in the same day...

JD in Villa Rica, Georgia

Updated 32 months ago

Delta Reservations/Sales Rep Work From Home - 11 Replies

Just wondering if anyone has applied for this position? It sounds like a good option.

ana t in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 35 months ago

Delta Ready Reserve Ramp Seattle - 1 Reply

This whole process moved rather fast and caught me off guard. 2 weeks ago I applied online but decided not to call because I wasn't sure it would...

Newswoman in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 35 months ago

Calling Delta About Application - 2 Replies

If you're application has been continuously "under review" for more than a month, do any of you think it's a good idea to call and do a follow up? ...

ulreid in Pensacola, Florida

Corporate Jobs at Delta

Back in March, I applied for a job in the Communications Department in Atlanta. My status still says "under review." I'm sure that means a variety...

JC in Los Angeles, California

Delta Airlines Face to Face Interview and Physical Agility Test

Hey, Looking for some help. I wanted to know if the face to face interviews are in groups or individualized...for a baggage handler/ ramp...

The New York Guy in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 42 months ago

What is the Delta Doc Team and how do I get in? - 1 Reply

A few questions I would like to ask. How do I get hired by them? I never seen any job postings of such positions. Do I need any special college...


Delta call center Cincinnati Ohio

I had a F2F interview with Delta for the Sales Reversations Oct 4th, I was told I would get a call in two weeks still haven't heard anything. Has...

JET-nyc in Manhattan

Air Tran Airlines

Did any one apply for any of the postings for CSR at Air Tran, I had applied for LGA..

scoobyrx790 in Tampa, Florida

Delta Airlines former Reservation Sales Agent, in need of Info on Policies.

Would anyone out there know where I could find the following from Delta Airlines; * Any document that mentions that you go through a six (6) month...

aviiation in Bronx

Updated 48 months ago

Delta hiring process for seasonal - 1 Reply

I applied for a seasonal employment for Delta. Applied for 2 positions baggage and airport customer service. Called to follow-up shortly after...

Kiki in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 51 months ago

delta ready reserve customer service agent - san diego - 3 Replies

i interviewed last week after having applied online and getting phone screened two weeks ago. does anyone know how long it takes to hear back from...

marnawds in Houston, Texas

Airline employees click here

Hi I wanted to know do step children also fly free on employee benefits? Thanks

Louiekun in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Updated 65 months ago

DL - 2 Replies

Do yourselves a favor~ DONT get into the industry. So ya think you'll be flying? On your days off.?If you're not back to work you're...

Louiekun in San Francisco, California

Updated 65 months ago

How was the trip to Atlanta for the interview? - 4 Replies

Hello everyone...I just past all the phone interveiws now I am waiting on my F2F interview..I really would like to know the process can anyone help...

JET-nyc in Manhattan

Updated 68 months ago

Delta-It's been over "6" weeks since F2F.. - 1 Reply

I was wondering if anyone knows when delta starts calling after the f2f interview?? I was offered a conditional job then, but I haven't heard...

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