Diageo Rumor & Free Products like Guiness & Smirnoff

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Da Bears in Chicago, Illinois

99 months ago

Does Diageo give its Employees any free product like Smirnoff Guiness Captain Morgan, etc ?

Also, I heard that the Plainfield IL Location favors young women over men in hiring and promotions. Is this true?

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Fighting Illini in Chicago, Illinois

98 months ago

Diageo gives its employees lots of free product. If you work in the US you'll get more products like Smirnoff and Captain Morgan which are produced here. Brands like Guinness you'll have to buy with an allowance given to employees every season. The allowance is quite generous, so its a great perk which should be factored in if you are considering a move.

Its true about the rumor at the Plainfield location. The merit system favors young women pretty much because of the creepy senior leader who run the place. I knew of a girl who felt so guilty about her rapid advancement that she quit. Don't let this stop you from working there, just don't work too hard if you are a man.

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Buckeyes in Plainfield, Illinois

89 months ago

I remeber that one, worst product launch in Diageo History. Product changed color, bottles exploded, UPC scanned wrong......promoted to Director?
It's hard to work for such incompetent managers, but the free Guinness and Johnny Walker sure do numb the pain.

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beano in Sharon, Massachusetts

37 months ago

Do they hire older people or just the younger set?

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