Discover Financial Services Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Discover Financial Services?

Any advice on striking the right note?

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Scamper in Chicago, Illinois

123 months ago

Discover Financial Services cannot stay out of its own way. The HR rep was impossible to reach. After 3 weeks I received follow up call. I was told I would interview for Job A. I prepped for Job A. Subsequent phone interview was for Job B. Hiring manager had no idea which job I was actually interviewing for. Miserable experience. Based on how they treat potential hires, I would stay clear.

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Same here in Carol Stream, Illinois

123 months ago

Had the same experience, completely disorganized. Supposed to interview w/multiple people for a technical position, none of them were ready. Waited almost a 1/2 hour. Main technical interviewer wasn't there at all, and even though my interview was at 2p and could have been rescheduled, it wasn't. I'm with Scamper.

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Barbie in Chicago, Illinois

121 months ago

They called me in for an 8:00 a.m.interview. I spoke with a manager who couldn't stay on topic and every step of the way tried to trip me up with commentary about the industry. I then went through industry testing and had another interview with a very nice woman who would be my manager. Then onto the VP, who was as condescending as the first interviewer. By then it was 2:30 and I had not been offered a break for lunch. I had a pounding headache, but it wasn't over yet. Next stop was HR where I met with a rep and filled out an employment application. Got on the road at 3:30p.m. It made me wonder...if they wouldn't let me break for lunch or even better, take me to lunch, how would I be treated as an employee?

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Jackie in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

115 months ago

I honestly believe that discover consistently post jobs with absolutely no intentions of hiring people. Maybe for equal opportunity purposes (to have a resume on file)???

First, I had a lengthy phone interview with an discover company recruiter followed by a call-in for an interview 1 month later.

I was super excited. Plan and stayed up studing useless company information, and answers to typical interview questions (and my favorite...behavior questions).
I arrived at 11am and saw 5 people.I then was told that 1 of my interviewers were not in for the day and would not be meeting with me (which I found very alarming, especially since I would be assisting that person). Several of the interviewers seem too busy with work to speak with me (eventhough this was planned). Nevertheless, I though the interviews went awesome. I had great feedback and felt that I had built common ground with many of my interviewers.
Before I left ,3hrs later, I was told by the recruiter that I would absolutely hear back (whether good or bad)regarding my status within 2wks . And to think, I even rushed home to type up 5 thank you letters to each person I saw.

I heard nothing back till this day almost 2mths later! Im sure most of you have been in this situation of not hearing anything back and that is a horrible feeling.The next day following my interview, I had noticed the same job posted again on a popular search engine (but under a different job#). I sent a email 3wks later to the recruiters assistant, and to the recruiter, expressing my interest still and no reply of course.

This is what makes me think that discover post jobs that they have no intentions of hiring for. I knew i was capable of doing this position as I have 7yrs experience at it.
I now have a job ( great company) and do NOT recommend anyone wasting their time with DFS, or gas on a non existant position!

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Joe Garden in Peoria, Arizona

47 months ago

>The hiring experience was perfect. I applied on a friday.
got my first call three days later (monday.
>scheduled face to face interview for wednesday, got the job that day, and went to fill out tax/employment information friday.
>their hiring manager took me on a tour of the building, introduced me to some of the staff, everyone was incredibly nice. the managers were neat, well-spoken, and very conversational. None of the issues in above posts showed themselves in the experience I had. In the cubicle area of the building, there was plenty of "trans-cubicle" joking and laughing, it truly seems to be an incredible environment.

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