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Updated 9 days ago

GIS Background Check - 12 Replies

talk to your EEOC rep in your state. they cannot deny your employment because of a felony unless it is theft, embezzling or something that would...


Updated 23 days ago

What's the company culture at Dollar General? - 322 Replies

I'm not shocked about Dollar General. Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar I see all bs reviews. It's probably why I see dollar stores...


Updated 2 months ago

Dollar General Interview Questions. - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="unknown in Texas"]I was recently hired as a sales associate .first i got called for an interview everything went so well and i knew this...


dollar general background check

how many years does dollar general go back on a background check?

Former employee

Updated 2 months ago

Dollar General Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 106 Replies

Had 4 years in with DG #02364, starting pay $5.15/hr., in 2006, did the whole start at lower level cashier up to a assistant manager which time was...


Will Dollar General transfer a brand new hire?

My boyfriend has recently lost his home and has no where to go. He has an interview this afternoon and I was wondering that if he got hired today...


Updated 3 months ago

How long does the hiring process take? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="SamTheSasquatch in Columbus, Georgia"]I completed my hiring packet like the manager at the store told me to, she gave me the information...


Updated 3 months ago

Hiring Process - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="JF1 in Pataskala, Ohio"]Also, how long was the wait? Going on a day, now, and I feel like calling the manager who knows little about how...


Updated 3 months ago


Does anyone know who the training manager is? Who is in charge of the training department?


Updated 5 months ago

assessment test - 4 Replies

i need to tae assessment test need a job

Tamothy Tigue in Waterloo, Iowa

Updated 7 months ago

How to get a job at Dollar General. - 160 Replies

Do you work at Dollar General? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

willyssis in Titusville, Pennsylvania

Updated 7 months ago

hiring process - 1 Reply

I had an interview Monday that seemed to go very well and I'm pretty sure I have the job since an employee sitting in asked the manager what my hours...

willyssis in Titusville, Pennsylvania

Updated 7 months ago

How long should stocking take? - 1 Reply

Just curious. I just started working there and I want to know if I need to increase my speed (somehow!). How long should it take to completely empty...

Jmix in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated 11 months ago

This is the worst place I've ever worked at. - 6 Replies

And I've worked for some pretty crummy places in the past, too. I started working at DG in late July, and I'm already on my way out. Bad...

sarahmartin in Columbus, Nebraska

Updated 11 months ago

Background check? - 4 Replies

I've recently been interviewed for a job at Dollar General. I got the job pending the background check. I don't have a criminal record so I'm not...

fred5375 in Northfield, Ohio

Updated 11 months ago

Hired as Assistant Manager Awaiting Call - 2 Replies

I was hired at a job fair, completed Express Hiring, submitted my drug test, and am now waiting for my call. Last Thursday I did my online paperwork...

Updated 12 months ago

dollar general asessment test - 1 Reply

were do i go to take the asessment test?

Bluewatergirl in Dowagiac, Michigan

Updated 15 months ago

No 15 minute breaks at all - 4 Replies

So I started working at DG on Sunday. I was given a break that day, even though I only worked 4 and a half hours. I was then given a half hour break...

Bluewatergirl in Dowagiac, Michigan

Updated 15 months ago

$7.50 an hour for Third Key? - 8 Replies

So I've worked for Dollar General for over a year now and was promoted to third key back in early June. I was told by my manager that my pay would...

Bluewatergirl in Dowagiac, Michigan

Coached because of basket size? Plus other stuff...

So I had to sign a piece of paper yesterday because I didn't sell enough one day. I didn't even know that existed. The assistant manager just...

41r_ r41D in Not where you'd think

Challenge: Wan't To Play A Game?

Next time you have to watch some stupid safety video, tobacco/alcohol sales training, etc., let's have some FUN. 1. Start>Run 2. In window that...

fordaltrenson in Americus, Georgia

Updated 20 months ago

Trying to figure out my employee I'd number so that I can check my pay stubs online. - 1 Reply

I can't figure out what my employee Id number is. Can anyone tell me how?

41r_ r41D in Interwebz, Tennessee

Updated 20 months ago

Hour Cuts For PT Associates - 2 Replies

How much does everyone else enjoy the fact that DG has decided to cut all part-time (everyone except management) employees down to 22 hours a week,...

41r_ r41D in Interwebz, Tennessee

Updated 21 months ago

Tired of being treated unfairly? READ THIS! - 7 Replies

If you are tired of being treated unfairly, (absolute unrealistic expectations, etc., etc.,) as a lowly hourly DG drone, you do have some power to...

PTKSue in Rosiclare, Illinois

Updated 22 months ago

3rd Key Duties/ASM Duties - 1 Reply

I work at a location that has no manager, and when the manager was present she wasn't present ya know. Out of the one month I have worked for them...

HeckiesWife in Guntersville, Alabama

Updated 22 months ago

salary cut - 2 Replies

i need to know from a resent store manager. if a store hires to be a 3rd key and you don't take it and they pay you what 3rd key makes, but you began...

PettigrewJosh in Wellton, Arizona

I was in the middle of filling out my DG application and accidentally closed the window

I was almost done, just had the assessment to do and I clicked close window, I think. But, if I try going in through the indeed link to the job it...

PositiveK in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 26 months ago

Dollar General News and Happenings. - 116 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

SoUmYeah? in Acworth, Georgia

Updated 26 months ago

Too busy to view my application? - 6 Replies

I have been looking fr a job since October. I have filled over 150 apps and called and checked up on all of them. Over 20 are to fast food joints and...

missreebok21 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

dollar store

I have been working there now going on 4weeks I still do not have a employee ID yet so that means I can't get paid looking for another job do not ...

JadeRose159 in Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Updated 26 months ago

Lead Sales Associate Who Basically Runs Store - 5 Replies

I am a 3rd key holder and I practically run my store. There isn't too much that I do not know how to do. My question is what are Lead Sales...

Sandra Santiago

Updated 27 months ago

interested in opening a DOLLAR GENERAL - 1 Reply

I am from morenci az. we have a Family Dollar Store located in Clifton AZ, being experienced in retail and Family Dollar being ran with the manager...

nanawolfg1 in Dora, Alabama

Updated 31 months ago

Fired for Filing a workers compensation claim - wrongful termination! - 17 Replies

I heard the other day that one of the workers at a Dollar General in Florence, Alabama hurt her arm while working at one of the local Dollar General...

ashley in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Updated 31 months ago

Hurt on the job? Tell us about it and the outcome. - 2 Replies

I know you are out there!

Updated 31 months ago

Dollar General Online Application - 7 Replies

I am having a hard time filling out application form. There are none to fill out on line. The ones that are there want you to approve a college to...

Kenna Catts in Warrenton, Missouri

Hurt DG Workers?

Hi, im looking for hurt worker that were fired or harassed after filing a workmen comp claim. I know there is a ton. Please share your story. Thanks

Former Mgr in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Updated 32 months ago

Labor vs. Sales for your store?? - 1 Reply

I was just wondering what the Labor/Sales ratio looks like all over? I get 1 labor hour for about every $160.00 my store brings in.

LookingAround in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Dollar General Warehouse Overtime?

Hi: I'm thinking about applying for DG warehouse work in Ardmore, OK. Does DG typically allows you to work overtime in the warehouse?

Danen in Newfield, New York

Employee page?

I found a suspicious looking page with an address completely different than the one. The page has a login username and password...

Drayton Florence in Chilhowie, Virginia

Hiring Question

Does Dollar General hire people with misdemeanor convictions? whats the policy on this?

BRANDYT79 in PACE, Florida

Updated 53 months ago



Denton in Denton, Texas

Updated 54 months ago

Want more money - 2 Replies

I have been with dollar Gen for 2 years now and the new cashiers are goin pay the same as me! I have talked to my manager and the d m also and still...

Tryin to sink the DG ship in Somewhere in, Florida

Updated 54 months ago

$7.50 an hour for Third Key? - 1 Reply

So I've worked for Dollar General for over a year now and was promoted to third key back in early June. I was told by my manager that my pay would...

Denton in Denton, Texas

Updated 54 months ago

DO NOT USE E-PAY CARD! - 3 Replies

This is now Tuesday and I still can't access cash from the previous Friday's paycheck from any in network ATM in my area! Three different ones! Money...

Denton in Denton, Texas

Updated 56 months ago

Safety - 10 Replies

I'm a newly hired assistant manager and work in a HUGE dbl traditional store. We move alot of stock and I've asked about back braces/ safety belts...

angelbutterfly in Zanesville, Ohio

Updated 60 months ago

Your thoughts and opinions about the new E-pay/Direct deposit paychecks - 1 Reply

In the next few weeks, DG is implementing a new system where we will no longer be receiving a paper paycheck, nor will you receive even a paystub,...

Tryin to sink the DG ship in Somewhere in, Florida

Alachua Distribution Center

Alachua DC must only employ the mentally challenged (read: retarded) because EVERY rolltainer has cases with liquids packed in lying on their sides,...


how would i transfer from one store in one town to a another one in a different town

GMA_Nae in Primghar, Iowa

Updated 65 months ago

Dollar General Store Mt. Pleasant, TN - 2 Replies

Never been treated so rudely in my life over a return. Finally after standing and waiting approx 10 min, the mgr. or assist mgr. came to help me. I...

kitten10902 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 65 months ago

Salary....Pay....???? - 1 Reply

I was thinking about working at Dollar General, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the pay is here in texas for a Dollar General...

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