Coached because of basket size? Plus other stuff...

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Bluewatergirl in Dowagiac, Michigan

46 months ago

So I had to sign a piece of paper yesterday because I didn't sell enough one day. I didn't even know that existed. The assistant manager just shrugged it off and said it's just something the company does. I had to sign the paper to show that I was coached, which I really wasn't. I understand suggestive selling, I've worked in retail long enough. But being "coached" after not selling enough in one day? I could see maybe a week, but not one day though.

My store is located in a low income area, so when people go in there, they know how much they can spend, and it's usually not a lot. Also, it's a small town (everyone knows each other), so if I'm always trying to "force" items down peoples throats, they will get tired of it. Plus, the amount of customers we get depends on the certain day of the month, the weather, or time of day. The day I was being coached about was a day that it was raining all day long and hardly anyone came into the store, how is that my fault? I work late afternoons, people stop coming in around 8pm (we stay open till 10pm).

Another thing, I have been working at DG for a month and I have not taken my CBLs at all. I was told that I had to take them and that was when I first started, but there has never been another word about it. I asked one of the assistant managers and she just kind of blew it off. When I was told about it, it was by the store manager and she actually told me that one of the assistant managers called her and asked if they could take the CBLs for me. Which kind of made me laugh.

Lastly, I wish I could get more hours. The other part time associates are getting at least 27 hours, the most I'm getting is 14 hours. Talked to someone about it and the excuse was that they hired someone new and they never showed up, so it threw MY schedule off. Why just mine? Why not the other part timers also? That's been two weeks, it should be fixed by now. Don't get me wrong, I like the job, but no one knows what the other person is doing.

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