Dollar General Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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Violet in Rockford, Illinois

17 months ago

ou said and I Quote," You know life really isnt about what your Title is or what you get for a paycheck because you cant take those with you when you leave this world." Most people have bills and house payment insurance and food to buy, so most of us need a descent pay check, I guess your comment is true if your living at home with mommy and daddy and have no real responsibility's

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16 months ago

I have apply for GD store and waiting on hiring process. I was told that I would start off making 7.75 an hour at part time. How much more woukd I make at full time and is the any medical benefits. What is the cost for medical benefits benfits?

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lmao in Bellevue, Washington

16 months ago

Well at the store i worked for it sucked! And i thank God i was blessed with another gig so i could get out! My question is do i get my week in the hole pay?

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wesandtab in Birmingham, Alabama

16 months ago

Does anyone know how much the starting pay is for the dollar general distribution center? I have an interview monday but I was just wondering cuz I have to drive an hour to get there.

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sweetlybroken in Tulsa, Oklahoma

16 months ago

wesandtab in Birmingham, Alabama said: Does anyone know how much the starting pay is for the dollar general distribution center? I have an interview monday but I was just wondering cuz I have to drive an hour to get there.

Not worth it they start out at min. wage - $8hr benifits suck and they screw you on your hours and edit your time ticket and you won;t get paid all the hours you work.. did it to me and other ppl I know.. I am going thru a lot of crap with them right now they are a horrble company.

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Maria in Marion, Arkansas

16 months ago

Cheryl Ann in Mobile, Alabama said: You sound like you have alot of problems and you're a real bitter person. You know DG didnt hand you the keys sounds like whoever was in charge did so don't blame the company for the way you were treated. I work long hours because I dont look at my watch every minute like you probably did. Time goes by fast theres not alot of time in a day to do the things that have to be done in the stores but you have to do what you got to do.

WOW - if you do not have good work ethics, you are not going to appreciate whatever job you get or for that matter whatever you do in life. It is not all about the money - You know darn well what you will be getting into when applying for DG - you see this business open 7 days a week and customers in and out throughout the days. This is a BIG challenging job even for the associates and admire those who stay on and feel sorry for those who bail out not knowing to take ownership of what reflections it has on one. It's not about the money but the pride of having a well kept and running good business let alone meeting and knowing customers. You should be ashamed of yourself for leaving a great company that was built for those who see themselves in a bind, need to save, or unfortunate when in need and DG is there to help out in this many cases and if we offer a great impression once one walks in the store, DG, then will becomes their first stop when shopping from there on. Thank GOD you did not stay on, you are just not a good fit for General Dollar.

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sweetlybroken in Tulsa, Oklahoma

16 months ago

I don't know who your talking too but I am not a bitter person. DG is treating me like crap. I had a Robber come in and physically attack me, I got injured severely, I can barely walk, DG has shown no sympathy at all. I have seen "their company Drs" and they wont even exam whats wrong and has told me to go back to work. So I go back to work with restrictions and DG's Risk mngment told my boss what duties for me to do which are what I am not supposed to do. My back gets thrown out and I am at work crying in pain can hardly walk so I told them I am going home, ya know what they tell me.. "whether you are in pain or not you need to adhere to the schedule you leaving will be inexcusable". They company does not care about there employees even their best which I was I did all my duties and everyone elses because they never did anything and they would leave the store a wreck. I was the only one there who can keep lines down by scanning with speed I even got a star for it I always communicated with all customers wile the others acted like robots, I did everyone's recovery worked my butt off.. they wanted to make me a key holder but I had no car so I couldn't. I worked my butt off for them and they still treat me and every other employee like garbage. my co-worker broke her ankle on the job they made her work still and "their Drs" once again did nothing, and now her ankle has healed wrong and she now has problems walking... I praise God that that Robber did not kill me. I can't believe how DGs risk mnagment can be so rude and cold hearted.. I know someone else who got robbed at DG and her arm broken it got infected and she almost died, she has been going thru work comp for 4 yrs now DG dosent want to settle... the "COMPANY ITSELF IS HORRIBLE" DONT WORK AT DG.. God has given me a doorway to get something better thank you Jesus for your protection and using this as an opportunity!

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Runnnn. in Palestine, Texas

13 months ago

I have worked for Dollar General for 11 months. I have outlasted two different store managers, multiple LSA's and two Assistant Managers.

Around my 6 month mark, I was promoted to third key. 2 months later, I was surprised with another offer of promotion to Asst Manager.

Right after being offered this position, my manager fell sick with a tooth infection and was out of work for 3 weeks. I was pulling 60+hr weeks as a third key, with a third key's pay, NOT assistant manager pay. The other new manager that was brought to our store was utterly worthless and hardly helped me. My DM told my manager he was "impressed" with my work.

After all this, my manager returned and after some inside theft problems of a cashier, she was given a lame write up about paperwork. She put in her two weeks. That week, my DM came to the store and told me face to face he had put my promotion in the system and it'd be effective the next day. That week, I worked another 54 hr week, with no day off and pulling an open to close one day. (I believe he dangled the promotion in front of me to keep me from walking out.)

2 weeks later, CBL's completed and I've still not gotten a promotion or raise. Just a sarcastic response from my DM about it "not happening over night," and a new manager with something to prove who just keeps reminding me "I'll be gone," if the store isn't perfect when he visits. She won't be held accountable at ALL for HER store?! nope. It's MY job on the line. This is the same woman who within an hour of knowing me talked to me about job codes, in which they said LSA's would remain 909 until they promote, or leave. Her statement was "hah yeah and you'll be 909 until you leave." Within an hour of knowing me, she's already decided I'm not going anywhere in the company? Wth? Nothing about job performance or my work ethic.

11 months spent proving myself a valuable asset and within one hour, I'm suddenly worthless. Go figure.

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Runnnn. in Palestine, Texas

13 months ago

Oh and on top of all of this. I was perusing this website and happened across a TWO DAY OLD post for Dollar General. Looking for an LSA and Asst Manager for MY store. The icing on the cake really. Because this manager for whatever reason, thinks I can't do the job, or simply doesn't like me, my work and time put into this company is dust in the wind. Working 60+ hr weeks for nearly a month with no days off. For 8.25 an hr with all the responsibilities of a store manager and dirt-cheap pay, only to find out I'm already in the process of being replaced.

Like someone said long ago. Run, don't walk from this corrupt, dirty, liar of a company.

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the great milenko in Metairie, Louisiana

8 months ago

I'm a store manager starting pay for me was $35,000 plus quarterly and yearly bonus. It is hard to get good employees. I start mine out at $8.40 to try and attract them to stay. Its pretty much go in clean house and build your crew from ground up. After doing that it has made it a lot easier. Its easy to get job here but attracting the top of the line will never happen. Its retail look at Walmart and everywhere else no brain surgeons at any of them. Retail takes what can get.

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Working Man in Farmington, Michigan

5 months ago

I've been looking for a job recently after moving and this has been an interesting thread to read, to say the least! My last job was in a unionized store and we enjoyed good pay (great pay compared to what I'm reading here), reasonable hours, good benefits, even for the part-timers, and job security. Sounds to me like DG workers could really use a union to help them out. If you live in Michigan I would be glad to give you the contact info for my old union.

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mrroboto in Montoursville, Pennsylvania

5 months ago

sometimes i eat chips in bed.

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Deevyl in Inverness, Florida

4 months ago

I was hired in January 2014 at $8/hr. averaging about 15 hours/week. The store manager trained me, and the assistant manager constantly criticized me. If I did things the way the assistant manager wanted, the manager criticized me. I could not win no matter how hard I tried.

On my 8th day I was manning the only open register during a rush of customers. I worked as quickly & efficiently as possible to keep the line moving & to keep the customers happy. Both managers were on duty gossiping in the office & watching me on the monitor. I asked for help at one point, and the assistant manager gave me an attitude, rang up 2 customers and retreated back to the office.

Three hours into my shift, the assistant manager told me I was being "let go" for the following reasons:

1. I was not pushing the customers hard enough to buy 50¢ bags of chips... The store who sold the most of these bags of chips won $500 to split between employees. I politely offered the sale to each customer, but very few were interested. She falsely accused me of not mentioning the chips to the customers, and then accused me of being too flippant about the way I mentioned them to the customers. (Did I mention them or didn't I?) Her impression of my sales pitch was very different than my actual attitude and words.

2. I was incapable of being in two places at the same time... My job was to ring up customers & stock/straighten merchandise. I could not leave my register due to the high volume of customers checking out, therefore I could not tidy the shelves. I was expected to perform both jobs at the same time on two different ends of the store with no help. That night I averaged 90 seconds per customer. According to the chart in the office I was the fastest cashier that night.

Honestly I did the best I could. The reasons she gave me & their explanations were petty & made no sense. Maybe other stores are better, but I'd never recommend the store I worked at to ANYONE seeking employment.

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mplummer in Wilmington, Delaware

8 days ago


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