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Valeria in Dedham, Massachusetts

108 months ago

I worked at D&P for about 4 years, until I got my promotion and moved on to better things. It is consulting and it is grueling both in terms of hours and travel. Maybe not as bad as an operational consultant since trips can be short in duration and sporadic but you never know in advance. It all depends on the office/city/group you work for, but for the most part the higher ups don't give a damn about your personal life and personal schedule and have no qualms about droppin comments at your desk at 7pm fully expecting the documents to be ready for their review by 8am the next morning (even though they might not get to it until 4pm the next day but no one bothers to tell you that). I guess it would be fine if the bonuses/pay were comparable to the lifestyle but they aren't and bonuses are tied up not only to hours you have out on but also to other "soft" factors that you have very little control over that are usually company b.s. Most people usually use this firm to learn a few solid quant and valaution skills, make some contacts and move on to either a better lifestyle or higher paying jobs with more potential. The organization went through A LOT of change first being PwC and then part of Standard and poor's (McGraw Hill) and there was a lot of turnover which means that the best and brightest left and the dead wood remained.
If you want to learn valuation like the accountants do it (note, not like the equity analysts or Wall Street does it) there are better firms out there with more resources and better brand name to get you started (Delloitte, Ernst and Young ec.)

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dashair2 in Lansing, Michigan

108 months ago

I have a second round interview with duff and phelps, I was wondering if there was any advice on the type of interview, or if you can remember any type of questions they asked. Any infomration or advice regarding the interview would be greatly appreciated.

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