How to get a job at EchoStar (DISH Network).

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Do you work at EchoStar (DISH Network)? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

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Carla in Columbus, Ohio

110 months ago

EchoStar (dishnetwork) is the worst place in the world to work. They just opened up a call center in Hilliard, Ohio and 14 of us were the first hired.
They lied in the interview, telling us it was customer service based when actually its sales based.
If we have to use the bathroom, we have to log out as they tell us they will not pay for us to use the bathroom.
We are not allowed to use the printers-not even for work use. We cant call out-not even if we need to call a customer.
The training is the worst I've ever seen in my life. The trainers dont have any idea what theyre doing because we are using a different database than everyone else in the company.
If your thinking about getting a job with Echostar-think again.

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its true in Denver, Colorado

110 months ago

Echostar is one of the worst to work for. Benefits are horrible, upper management only takes care of themselves and do not care about their subordinates. Pay is horrible, 15-25% below market wages. Take a look somewhere else.

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Tell me more in Littleton, Colorado

110 months ago

I too have heard NOTHING but bad things about working for Echostar. I met a woman not too long ago who had worked in HR no less who had QUIT along with several others there because they had reduced their health care coverage to just "Catastrophic" coverage with huge deductibles rather than regular health insurance. Being here in Littleton, the company has a HORRIBLE reputation throughout the entire area- though I must admit I hadn't heard of the bathroom break policy! The main thing I'm wondering NOW as I look at all the comment catagories that INDEED offers here is: who erased all the bad comments that had earlier been posted????

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weifq2 in Brooklyn, Maryland

107 months ago

i worked for dishnetwork local installation office. i was 1 of the top techs for 6 years. when i started in 2000, things were okay. problems i saw was with management. the company at tech did start getting cheap and petty. dish was the dbs installation company of echostar communications. it crazy how they treated and held their nose high at techs. if you can get pass the politics, the technologies are great. i resigned. was tired of the politics.

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Run Away!!! in Chandler, Arizona

97 months ago

[Trust me, you don't want to work for this company. It's not just at the installer or CSR levels that have issues. All levels below VP have a miserable job at this company. Far too many reasons to list. There is a posting for Broadcast Engineering Manager at the Gilbert, AZ location. The last Manager walked off the job after only 3 months. He couldn't stand it there because of the HORRENDOUS directors that he had to report, company policies, poor pay, almost non-existent benefits, etc.

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Jkf in Denver, Colorado

96 months ago

I agree to all the posts above. I worked for Dish Network corporate and it is by far the worst company I have worked for and probably ever will. At the manager level they expect you to work 60+ hours a week without any extra compensation and really no positive reinforcement for your achievements becuase that will make the employees belive they should be expecting rewards, which never happens. If you're late (even a few minutes) when you "clock in" at the entrance an automatic report will be sent to your VP and you will have to send an email to your VP and HR to explain the reason for why being late. It's like the employees are being treated like children with behavioral problems. The health benefits are worse than privately seeking health insurance yourself and the pay is about 30% below industry standard.

The only good thing about this place are your coworkers, many of them are highly talented hard working individuals, however most of them tend to leave after a few months.

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nakitaakita in Denver, Colorado

79 months ago

I worked at Dish, Thornton call center for 14 months. I was a CSR. I did not think it was a bad place to work at all. They have a very strict attendance policy. I think a lot of the people posting here are whiney. I have worked at worse places than Dish certainly. And as far as health care, be glad that you even get it. We had a choice of different levels of health care, you COULD get just catasrophic but they had others available too. No, they weren't great health care, but better than none, which is what a lot of companies offer.

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