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rjones1952 in Evans, Georgia

84 months ago

This has been the worst company I have ever worked for with so much red tape and corporate bull and there is no system in place as advocate for the BOA who is in training for at least the first year. The BOAs are at the mercy of how the FA views and evaluates them. The FA can give a very low evaluation and associate relations always sides with the FA...they never question him. If you and your FA have issues with varying personalities/workstyles, the FA can write you up for whatever he chooses and a couple of times and you are out.
I understand others have had good experiences but that depends entirely on the FA they work for. In my case, I had the misfortune of working for a young, inexperienced guy who lacked managerial skills and was also anal, hyper critical, a micromanager who could find fault with the way you placed your stapler on your desk. He was unorganized and totally clueless about how to handle the "older client" that Edward Jones serves.
The pay is only menial but they claim to give you bonuses which are taxed to death. Again, you are at the mercy of your FA and whether he chooses to share a bonus with you. You wear many hats and the learning curve is out of this world. There is no proper training, train from computer modules while on the job from the first day trying to appear to know what you are doing, when in fact, you are totally green and handling clients accounts and million dollar portfolios. It's a joke to allow such a situation. To put a BOA behind the desk and on the job w/no training and expect them to act as if they know what they are doing when they are trying to learn on the job is ludicrous. Trying to work thru computer modules for your many hours of learning while you are also trying to do your job is ludicrous. If the client only knew you are sitting there with two weeks on the job they would be shocked. The client assumes you are trained fully. Home office has made if quite clear they always side with the FA.

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floridafa in Florida

84 months ago

Sorry you are having such a rough time. The only way EJI has to evaluate you is the FA as you are in a 2 person office and they are the senior employee. I'd have a direct one on one talk with the FA. If it does not change and there is no other office in need of a BOA nearby, then you may just want to go work else where. If you are breaking policy by doijg what your FA askes, the FA is out of line, but you are by participating as well. Refuse to do it.

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floridafa in Florida

84 months ago

Also, appears from your full comments the position may be overwhelming to you. Maybe you need something slower paced and less demanding. It is a tough job, not for everyone.

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BOOMER SOONER in Anna, Texas

83 months ago

Sorry to hear about your problems. This job is not for everyone. If you are not up for the fast-paced job atmosphere you are undoubtably going to be working in then I suggest you find another job...Otherwise quit complaining and just be happy you have been given an opportunity. Remember unemployment is almost at 10%. Feel fortunate to be working.

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EJBOA in Louisiana

24 months ago

Agreed 100%!!! I see this was written 5 yrs ago well I'm going through the same issue in 2014! Currently looking for another job.

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