Can anyone tell me what a sales rep position here is really like in the Orange County CA area

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Chris in Long Beach, California

70 months ago

No offense to anyone, but it seems like there are alot of disgruntled employees working for this company. I have an interview this thursday and would like to know what I am getting into- especially the hours. I have two small children at home and would like to be around for them on nights and weekends. Thanks

susann r in Costa Mesa, California

60 months ago

Did you go to work for them? I had an interview last week.

blagofor president

60 months ago

I will tell you everything about Empire Today you need to know if you have applied for a sales position. You will have no questions after my post .

First at all, congratulations! You have made it so far. Empire Today is interested in you. That makes you a person with probably no degree but sales expirience. Probably, no one wants to hire you besides this employer and maybe couple more. But they are all ones that you probably didn't pick if you had a choice between them and real employers.

Just trying to be fair. Before I start bashing Empire let's be honest who you are.

OK, anyway. Below is what you came here for.


First 4 weeks you should get $300 a week if you are in California if they didn't changes anything.That is $1200 total.After that commissions only.
You will start selling after 1 , maybe 1.5 weeks. Because you are new, you will have benefit of the doubt. You will get leads even if no one else does. Once you sell something, they pay next week on Friday. Checks only.Empire Today is a scam company, so you will have choice to sell same product and give customer any price you want.Let's say, customer has 1000 s.f. of carpet needed. You can sell cheepest carpet anywhere from $2500 to $4500. That means, you can give 2 000 000 different prices for that job starting from $2500.01 and ending with $4499.99. Empire offers 4%,5%,6%,8% and 10% commisions. I am sorry, I can not help you with avarage paycheck. It changed.

___How it changed__
Empire Today hired new Vice President, who has ran his own company in Florida into ground and not shy tell you this.He came up with promo called "Buy one get two free". As I mentioned before, Empire Today is a scam company. But this new promo was over the top. Customers figured Empire Today out and not calling anymore.No one can offer two rooms free and customers got turned off by the misleading commercials .If I used to make $1000 a week doesn't matter what, it changed to $100 or nothing a week.

blagofor president

60 months ago

If you need training money until you get better job, tell them during interview you would like a lot of money. Treat this interview as you would treat interview for a used car salesman position. Telling them that you deliver 100% customer service will not matter or will turn them off. Give them feeling you can sell ice to escimos. You just don't care.You will sell anything. But be carefull , be polite to manager. He will not hire anyone who would be potential problem to him.If you noticed, they have some security measures. You can not just come in into office. You need to be buzzed in. It's for a reason.


Once hired, do not open your mouth unless really needed.Relax, you have been hired. No need to show off. Trust me.Look for a new job.

If they ask you for in corporation after 3-6 month, that means they are interested in you and think you will be selling. Incorporation costs around $500 and if you until now made $60 a week, you will quit. If you are the lucky one who leaves near good neighboorhood and can sell to customers with money, you are probably making $1000 and even more a week. You will pay for incorporation and will be fired for whatever reason in 2 to 4 years. Keep in mind, you will have NO UNEMPLOYMENT isnsurance. IT"S NO FUN. You might lose you home/appartment and it might destroy ur family. I warned you!

Gilby in Placentia, California

57 months ago

Blagofor, was your experience in the OC/LA area, or are you elsewhere? How long were you with ET? This message board has been very enlightening, but I want to make sure.
@Susann and @Chris, did you guys go to work for them?

CalTel in Lomita, California

46 months ago

Hi. Did you ever get any answers? I have an appt to interview coming up. Based upon what I've been able to find on the web, I'm not sure I want to bother showing up. Sounds like the company is not ethical. It also sounds like not a lot of sales people are making money.

Gilby in Placentia, California

46 months ago

I didn't even apply after doing my research. I wish I had followed my gut and not wasted my time with Aflac as well.

Richard in Orange, California

39 months ago

Gilby in Placentia, California said: I didn't even apply after doing my research. I wish I had followed my gut and not wasted my time with Aflac as well.

I worked there for a short time (L.A. office). I hated it the whole time there. Always treated like crap. I had a customer write me a letter. The manager handed it to me in front of everyone and demanded I open it in front of him. Maybe he thought ti would be embarrassing, who knows. The customer loved me and thanked me. The manager took my letter from me and posted it on a wall so everyone could see what a great company they were. The company is not great. We had complaints everyday. I worked for the customer. I used to call on customers near I live. Eventually, they would send me to see only one customer 50 miles away so I could quote on one bedroom of carpet. That is the sales person's worst nightmare. I burn $40 of gas in hopes of making $10. This place turns sales people over every month. If you are working here it is because you need "temporary money". This is not permanent for anyone.

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