Enterprise Rent A Car Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Enterprise Rent A Car?

Any advice on striking the right note?

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BOBSMITH1214 in Atlanta, Georgia

79 months ago

wifeeve in Birmingham, Alabama said: Don't do it, they are terrible. check out failingenterprise.com

Also, take a look at Jobvent.com.


Enterprise was rated as the 6th most HATED company by it's own EMPLOYEES!! Haha.

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bobthemusicman in Boston, Massachusetts

77 months ago

Place is a joke, full of lies and deceptions. They tell you how competitive it is in terms of who they hire (which of course is total bullsh*t). Honestly they'd hire a bum off the street as long as he had a college degree!

They tell you about all the money you can make, more bullsh*t because what they won't tell you is they are including the overtime that YOU WILL be working either on Saturday or late into the night. We literally had one clown walk in with a return at closing time on a Friday and of course I was the lucky one that had to drive this moron home, 20 minutes each way mind you, and therefore screw up my evening.

No worries about losing your job since they always need help, yet somehow one of the MT's in my office miraculously was able to get canned, maybe she didn't "play the role" that was expected of her perhaps????

There has been much kidding about ERAC being a "cult like atmosphere" but sadly it isn't that far from the truth. If you don't appear like the type that can guzzle the purple ERAC kool aid, you won't even be considered, which of course is a blessing in disguise!

They try to build up your self-esteem by saying that only college graduates are capable of doing what is required at Enterprise. This is total bullsh*t. A trained monkey or a high school dropout could do what an ERAC employee does, if not better! Think about it for a second. Washing cars, driving people around like a taxi, processing paperwork and of course listening to all the non-stop yelling and screaming that your "beloved" customers constantly heap on you. Does ERAC honestly think someone with a 4 year degree is the most qualified? What's even more hilarious is listening to ERAC's justification for only hiring college graduates. It makes you want to reach for the airline barf bag!

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cesaw in Chicago, Illinois

76 months ago

I know everyone HATES ERAC. I have an interview and would then need to go to my current job which is worst then Everthing I read about ERAC 30 hours a week hourly, no bonus, no benefits. I would glad trade that for 60 hours a week and trust me no matter how bad the pay at ERAC is I would still make more. So If somone could tell about how long the interview is , 30 minutes, 45 minutes and hour.

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Yellowknife in Washington, British Columbia

55 months ago

I'm working there now, been there the past 6 months. The interview process was in depth when I went thru it. 3 seperate interviews, the first one is a meet and greet, the 2nd one is a branch tour where you'll be working (if you choose to you can spend some time here) and the 3rd one is basically some guy staring at you making you think your a moron asking you to sell yourself to him. After my 3rd interview I was pretty sure I tanked it, I told him my sales pitch, and he just sat there staring at me for like 5 mins. So I just stared back, didn't know what else to do.

When you go in for your branch tour spend some time there so you can see what it is like. I stayed for 1/2 the day, so I saw alot of customer interaction, asked ALOT of questions about every aspect of the business and I liked everything I saw.

You will work alot of hours, the pay is horrible, but the job itself is alot of fun if you have the right personality for it. You'll get customers complaining alot, but then you also get customers who are really happy with everything you do for them and will make you enjoy your work. Great place to work, will I stay forever? Likely not, but the position is what you make it, if you go to working hating it chances are you won't be successful, if you go in with an open mind and eager to please you'll do well.

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Helper in Smyrna, Georgia

33 months ago

Just interviewed yesterday for sales management trainee position. I'm writing this because the blogs on the internet did help me on my interview so much. I would have been screwed because their interview questions to me were kinda tricky and take a lot of thought. Just wanna help others out cause I was so nervous before my interview and it helped to be a little prepared from the help I got off the internet... so here goes: the phone interview was pretty short and sweet with questions like: do you like to sale? Why do you think you can sale in a competitive environment? Give an example of when you sold in a competitive environment. Tell them about your past sales experience. And then they just ask if you're OK working the hours and for the pay and if you'd be willing to work where your promotions are based on your sales numbers (car upgrades and insurance). That's the jist of that. Then I got an email for my face to face interview time. So my face to face interview... he was really nice and said his purpose was not here to intimidate me and his interview style is more like a conversation. He would kind of expand on his questions based on my answers but here's the jist. So the interview questions: why did you choose the college you went to? Does my degree help me in sales and why? He told me about his choice... what's my favorite restaurant? Then he was just giving me an example about how I can be up sold on wine and appetizers at my favorite restaurant...yadayadayada.. gave me examples of up selling at enterprise. What place of business do I think has the best customer service and why? Give three things that are important to you about a company you want to work for (what are you looking for in a company that's important to you and why- three examples). Give them a time when you went above and beyond for a customer. Tell them about a time that you had your most fulfilling sale or your greatest sale and why? Tell them about one of your greatest failures?

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Helper in Smyrna, Georgia

33 months ago

Continued... then they start asking about your leadership qualities. Why would you make a good leader? Give three words and explain why you make a good leader (and he gave me a small list of words I couldn't use that were cliche words- lead by example, yadayadayada). Give an example of when you were in a leadership role or took charge and describe? Tell them about a time you exceeded a customers expectations. Explain good customer service. What kind of opposition have you had to face with a customer and what you did. What was your most difficult sale or customer and how did you deal with it? Explain a situation where you had to negotiate with a customer or change their mind ( this was also on the phone interview). What was your most difficult sale? Where do you see yourself in 2-5 years (also on phone interview) and ask you what position and how much you look to make. Oh, just remembered, they asked in the phone interview what other places have I applied at.... those are basically the questions. I have another interview at an enterprise location and he told me it would be a little more difficult... yuck. Well, I hope this helps others out because I am so thankful for the other blogs I read that gave me a heads up but this is exactly what I remember I was asked. Check out "The Case for Christ". Changed my life. Hope this blesses all!

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Pointless in Easley, South Carolina

6 months ago

I just want to put my two cents out there about Enterprise. I went through the phone interview and first interview and then got the dreaded email saying thank you for your interest but yada yada yada. The thing is it doesn't matter how good you are at interviewing this company wants young people fresh out of college. Preferably jocks who are very competitive. My recruiter said this very thing in a round about sort of way. Well, guess what? That's age discrimination and this company deserves to get sued for such hiring practices. If you're over thirty then you are wasting your time. If you're over forty then your mouth would be better spent chewing gum then talking to these people. I won't be renting from them. Job blows anyway if you have a social life. You can pretty much toss it in the trash if you get a job there. Just trying to save people time on their job search.

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