what a joke

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SGY in Mount Prospect, Illinois

82 months ago

My story is similar. They called me for a position, and i went to the interview, they sent me test via my e-mail. Than told me that i passed the test and I had perfect results. Sent me to another interview in the particular company with the manager there. This manager just explained me the job position and duties,and didn't ask me for anything, even 1 question. And late around i got phone call from the agancy that i am not the right candidate. I asked why, but they told me they didn't provite them with info why i am not the right candidate. What a joke. Forgot to tell that all this story was for $10/h.

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Albert Vogler in Nashville, Tennessee

81 months ago

I too did well on all but the industrial image portion at Express Pros. So I get a call to come in for an interview right away! I dress business casual (black pants, white shirt etc)., and go to the interview. They have me take one more written test to see if I'm bright enough to read a tape measure.

Then the one girl (who was nice, by the way), refers me to this huge, frumpy, plain looking skank to interview with. It looked like she was going to rip out of the polyester pants she was wearing any minute! This lady keeps looking at me like she wants to bust out laughing. A quick read on this loser lets me know that she is not very bright, and that she probably lives with a bunch of cats. So, I try to be professional and listen to her as she tells me that even though I did well on most of the tests, she could not place me because it has been almost a year since I worked, and her clients would not want me working for them. She also went on to comment about the way I was dressed, even though I was told to dress business casual. Bottom line: Unprofessional people that are not very bright, 5 hours of wasting your time on 5th grade tests, and interviews for jobs that don't exist, just so they can look at your personal information for business prospects. Definitely don't waste your time with these vultures!

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SGY in Mount Prospect, Illinois

81 months ago

The problem is that I experienced the same with all staffing agencies. I do not know is this like a “new fashion” or they playing some games with us, but I have plenty of phone calls for position that even do not exist. I go for interview, they take my information and also want me to fill the forms for the taxes (in the mean time on the top of W-4 form said “To be filed only if you hire the candidate”). But on the end when I fill out all forms, they said we will send your resume to the company and if they have the position available we will call you, and of course they never call you. That is ridicules. I want to complain somewhere, but do not know where. Looks like they make money with us, even they do not find you a job and we can’t approve anything, because they always can say we are not enough qualify. This is ridicules. In the past I should’ve fill W-4 form only if they hire me. This is was the final step in the hiring process, but I have filing that the staffing agencies using people to make money or to keep up their business.

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