extra space will ruin you financially

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ihatextraspace in Boston, Massachusetts

86 months ago

I wouldnt work for a company that Severely ripps off it's customers. I was a good customer for a long time. They nickle and dime you to death and squeeze every last penny out of you because they realize most that once most people move their stuff in to storage its going to be in there for a while. who likes moving? NO-ONE...right? They get you in with sweat deals and then after you pull up in a truck with your stuff your screwed!! "Oh there's this administration FEE, you HAVE TO buy THIS insurance, oh yeah you HAVE TO buy this $15 lock. Then if your late with payment theres a late fee (which is reasonable) but then theres a double late fee, oh an extra $85to get your name off the auction list even though you called the day before to see how much you owe and they tell you the wrong amount so when you arrive to pay you get the new news. "Well the computer says......." is what you get. Dont get me wrong- the property managers are awesome! They are the nicest people you ever met. I don't know how these poor guys got hooked up with such a crooked company!! You may be hearing more in the future

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ihatextraspace in Boston, Massachusetts

86 months ago

has anyone else had bad experiences with xtra space storage? lets talk!

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Mary in Salt Lake City, Utah

37 months ago

Wow, you're so right, if you think it's bad storing with them try working with them. They treat you like crap, you're just a number and a butt in a seat. You don't do whatever they say whenever they tell you too, your on the "hit list". They say they want open communication, but by God if you have an issue and bring it to the management's attention your going to be fired... Everyone I know who has complained was fired within 2 months! Can I even talk about the measly "cough" raises??? They act like giving you .30 cents more per hour in TWO years is just the greatest thing ever! You should be soooo thrilled with your .30 but they don't tell you is ohhh cost of insurance has gone up, and it just happens to eat up all your raise. So essentially I've worked there fo 3 years, and aint making a penny more than when I started. God forbid you get sick cause honey you better get off your death bed and get your butt to work, no absences tolerated. Thank God I got a better job and am out of that Hell Hole!

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