Fat Cat Colonels

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willy55 in New York, New York

102 months ago

You know- there is a mafia running within the U.S. Federal Government Military organizations. They all get preferential treatment and inside info on contract jobs after they retire from active duty. It is disgraceful. It must be illegel. We, the regular working citizens who may be seeking employment, and who certainly have a portion of our tax money given to support them should start fighting back against these SOBs who are taken care of so well by our Uncle Sam. While our uncle sam is screwing us over.

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Daily Time in Salt Lake City, Utah

101 months ago

It seems logical to me that a retired military person would have an inside track to any career related to defense contracting or a career in the federal government. I served my country. I was given veteran's preference on my federal resume. I'm sure I bumped some folks who were applying as external candidates. I also used my VA Loan to buy my first house. I'm pretty sure there were other folks who wanted to buy this same house but did not have money for down payment or to cover closing costs. My parents immigrated to the U.S.A. after WWII. They left their family and friends behind and only brought what they could carry on the boat. They fought through many injustices as immigrants. Now they are enjoying retirement in Florida. No matter where we lived my pops would plant a 20' pole in the front yard with a rope rigged to raise the American flag most everyday. It used to embarass me and my brothers when we were younger because it seem to look so strange to us. He never bothered to fully explain. We soon learned and understood why he did this. A lot of the retired folks in his Florida neighborhood fly this flag in the same way. She ain't perfect but she sure is the best of all - U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

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