Is it time to give up?

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Candu in Cincinnati, Ohio

83 months ago

I have applied to more than 100 video production positions at USAjobs.

I have 20+ years of video experience, EMMY awards, 9 years of video management, I judge national video production competitions, I write articles for a national magazine on video production, I write my own blog on technology and I volunteer my time as an internet expert on video production.

But- I constantly get letters back a few weeks after applying saying I'm either not qualified or I'm eligible, but I was not referred to the selecting official. I think with all of the qualifications I just listed above, it's fair to say that I'm extremely qualified for a video production position.

I am NOT a veteran (I failed the physical due to a childhood injury, but am not disabled).

The only reasons I can think of as to why I'm not selected to move farther in the process is either because of moving expenses or because I'm not a veteran.

What can I do to get noticed and hired?


76 months ago



76 months ago

I feel for you, Candu, and I do not think your lack of military history is preventing your ability to obtain federal employment. This is only my guess (although it comes from direct personal experience): you might be seen as a threat to current employees in your field. In other words, hiring you would expose the inadequacies of current employees; perhaps even waste, fraud, and abuse. I am also talented in my field and have been continously overlooked despite having A+ credentials and experience. Vocational counselors in the field had advised me to take any job at any grade to get "my foot in the door", and I finally was hired for a clerical position as a GS6 after sending over a hundred applications. And I am a veteran. This was a mistake as I lost my house to foreclosure while I haven't been lucky enough to even get a job interview for another position relevant to my education and experience. Meanwhile, there are inexperienced new hires coming in who are not vets and only have bachelor's degrees. I think the veteran status has harmed rather than helped (I work too hard). You are probably too good to work for the federal government, but best of luck to you.

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