53 Bad experiences

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53 Experience :(BAD) in Naples, Florida

126 months ago

I hae had recently and in the past 6 months very bad experiences with 53 Bank. Their online banking is by far the slowest and will cause you more headaches than you could beleive. It wil tell you your available balance, yes, available balence and then when you use it they will screw you with overage charges. 53 in my opinion has the worst customer service possible. When they don't want o speak to you after you just told the person you want to speak with their supervisor, they hang up. GGGRRREEEAAATTT, real great service. Even if you have to drive just a little further to another bank by all means do yourself a favor and go go go.

Joe in Mason, Ohio

126 months ago

Unfortunately this is typical of their customer service. Fifth Third is arrogant and needs to be shut down or bought-out as their senior leadership within the bank like Retail, Mortgage, Consumer and Credit Card is weak and spineless...

spider in Cleveland, Ohio

124 months ago

Incompetent mortgage loan officers at fifth third.
Most of them are past failures at mortgag broker firms that could not "cut it" or make their numbers, so they come to fifth third looking for a handout. usually they just sit and wait for the phone to ring versus making it happen. what a bunch of monkeys.

hrbuddy in Detroit, Michigan

120 months ago

Agreed. The Mortgage Division is a travesty. Unbelievable how many good people they lost there and the idiots they bring in to run the place is a complete fiasco and circus. The Consumer Division is a big mess.
Where is the leadership? Dont believe there is any.

sue-ss in Detroit, Michigan

101 months ago

I agree as well about their Mortgage Division. I have been trying to refinance since April, and finally finished yesterday. Their branch loan officers are a 'little' bit better than their national originators, but not much. I was still over charged for things and had to follow up on things I should not have. I definately would not recommend this bank.

Sexton, Mike @ Orland Park in Chicago, Illinois

101 months ago

I build the dame banks what a joke

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