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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does First Advantage stack up against the competition?

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yak yak in Bethesda, Maryland

119 months ago

Stay away from this company with all your might. You will be seriously overworked and underpaid. The benefits are horrible and the executive management team and the client services manager are a joke!

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air raider in Portland, Maine

118 months ago

They bought the small company I worked for and, after multiple promises of no layoffs, they abruptly downsized 30 percent of the workforce after one bad quarter. The bad quarter was due to their poor management. I was lucky to get out, I think, after being in touch with the overworked people who were left there.

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John in East Quogue, New York

116 months ago

Definately stay away from FADV. This company buys out companies, takes there former clients and comp software and then closes and lays off the original employees. They dont do Pre emp screening the right way. Also they are more into quantity than quality. They would be happy to pay all of their employees $6.00 an hour like their corp in FL. There HR Dept is also clueless and give out the wrong benefit and policy info

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anonymous4 in Rockville, Maryland

112 months ago

i was actually laid off from first advantage a couple weeks ago. when i did work there i was pretty miserable. they are CONSTANTLY firing people for i dont even know what. the pay and benefits are OK but i was just miserable every day i was there. my job did not challenge me and i had no motivation whatsoever to do ANYTHING more then the bare minimum. many departments had some Slackers and some people who work very hard--they still all got paid about the same [so whats the point in trying]? the 'raise' this year was capped at well below 5%.
also i wasnt the only one laid off. they laid off 10% of the workers and gave us ABSOLUTELY NO NOTICE. also some peoples jobs are being outsourced and people are also losing their jobs for that.
to answer the mian quesion though, i really cant see first advantage doing very well in the future. we were constantly loosing clients and the management there isnt all that great.
i doubt there hiring right now but if they are i WOULDNT recommend them!

getting laid off was actually a blessing for me because i wouldnt have had the courage to quit because i have a morgage to pay and a family to support. ive been interviewing some places and its looking good for me.

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Terry in Coram, New York

110 months ago

Sorry to hear about your lay off. In fact when they closed our office the head honcho from the corp in FL had to read off flash cards telling us that the office is closing. Thats how bright they are.,lol Well he got the boot eventually also. The company has no future and eventually they will close. Even other back ground screening companies know of them and frown upon them. they are aware of the way they do business and background checks the wrong way.

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BenjaminDover in Indianapolis, Indiana

88 months ago

You are better served being unemployed than working here.

It is the most dishonest and disorganized leadership I (my co-workers unanimously agree)have ever experienced. We spend more time talking about who's leaving and how to get out of here than we do about our job duties. Their products are behind the market curve and people are not supported by the leadership who is as transparent as a half empty glass of soot.

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