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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does GE Healthcare stack up against the competition?

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brent in Glendale, Arizona

112 months ago

the way it works is they like to higher the top of the graduating classes they may screen over 2000 applicants they only like to take the best. it is one of the few companies that will acutally want to see your GPA. If you get a job you will be put in a team to work with every year or so all the teams will get per reviewed and the bottom 10% hold on to your ass becasue you are on the way out the door!! after 5 years or so they have a tendency to want to higher all new graduates. This way they can keep there technology ideas fresh and up to speed. it has the reputation of brain drain company. however if you fit in with the culture it is one of the better companies to work for. this company is not going anywhere this company is one of the largest in the world. keep in mind that in fortune magazine it was rated the number 2 company in the all the United States to work for buy employers not employees so that should tell you something there. The benfits as the highest and the best. i would say GE is at the pinnical when it comes to stacking up to the competition. hope that helps

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112 months ago

ge healthcare miami is run like a communist lab. Pharacists do not respect less skilled workers. and the courier pay is lousy. the poverty wage in south fl. is $10.45 an hour. couriers get $11.11 per hr. 16 cents above poverty. this is a multibillion dollar operation an we transport a valuable resource. Not to mention endless training on standards and radiation safety ect. you cant raise a family on $11.11 an hour in south florida.

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jake_ee in Elyria, Ohio

111 months ago

Hold on to your suspenders GE.

I bet this happens in just about every college across America. The students where I went to college cheated to get those high grades. Never mind about what you know, just get that high GPA.

Wow. GE (or any other company that relies on high GPA's) get the best and the brightest? Think again.

Perhaps this is why GE employee attitudes are what they are.

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