How to get a job at GameStop.

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Shuuyin in Vernon, British Columbia

16 months ago

All this minimum wage talk seems a bit off topic of people who wanted to get a job at this company.

For those still looking at possibly working at your local Gamestop ask yourself, will you base YOUR decision on what someone else said? Personally I see all this negativity for GS, but who knows maybe its the environment YOU would like to work in. Okay maybe I'm in Canada and we're so called rumored to be overly polite... But what I mean is I'm looking into getting a job at EBGames/Gamestop myself no luck yet, but as an individual who likes to sell items I'm not giving up. If I try the job and hate it, I'll try and leave on a good note and use that experience into finding a new better job. Well that's just my nickel put in the pot for those who actually look at working at GS/EBG in a positive light, if you can get the job and love it you're lucky others just don't like it and leave on a less positive note which is bad... Keeping a good contact will always help land you another job because you'll have a source to hopefully say something positive about you.

Just like anything though, you won't know if you truly like something till you try it. And if you are lucky enough to get the job and don't like it well, don't try and make other people hate it in spite of the company that's just rude. Get chance and luck, game on folks.

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Nikki in Jacksonville, North Carolina

13 months ago

If you REALLY want to get a job, dress professionally. Men, tuck in your shirts, wear slacks, dress shoes. Women, don't saturate your face with make-up, knee length skirt or slacks, small heels (NO STILETTOS).

Also, EYE CONTACT!! Be knowledgeable about games and sales. SMILE! Don't smoke before you go in for an interview (no one likes the smell of cigarettes) but also don't soak yourself with cologne or perfume.

Call a few days after you put in your application to show initiative and get to know the store manager. GameStop is all about who you know.

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Grayson in Durham, North Carolina

11 months ago

umadbrah in Clarkston, Michigan said: Lovela!

Wow i stumbled upon this looking up some facts about gamestop (number of stores etc) due to a serious case of no life and realized i posted on here haha.

But hey, It's been six months apparently since my last post..

So I feel as though an update is far over due haha.

3 months after I started, I was promoted to SGA. I have been SGA obviously for 3 months now. I'm being promoted to ASM as of this Sunday. Haha, it's safe to say i have learned the system through and through. I don't think I have gone a single day as SGA without getting at-least 2 PUR sign ups/renewals and let me just say for the location we are in (border of ghetto..) that is a feat!.. Lima no but seriously, I have been in the top 5 in my district every week/month consecutively since my promotion. I'm averaging 35-45% in res, 15% in PUR, 30% in GPG, and my upt is right around 1.80-1.95.

If you happen to read this maybe we can exchange strategies. I have realized that something I may think is the best approach in the world, somebody else has found a way to boost it up that much more:]

Hey, I am looking for applying for a job at the local GameStop down the road and was searching on the GameStop career webpage and was confused on how to apply to that specific store. They are currently hiring and I currently need a decent job. Any advice and how to navigate ther're website?

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