open position in winter Garden

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Glenn-Anthony in Deltona, Florida

108 months ago

This used to be my position, the administrator Gary last name unknown called my supervisor requesting that I leave and not return. He was asked why his reply was he just does not like me. Now that he has left Missy I think nursing Director does not want me to return also it is a funny conspirecy.( I hope I spelled that right) She has been quoted as saying that I bring to many issues to her as it relates to pt care.
I have never called out sick I have on many occasions help my pt's wean and even on my interview when I was touring the unit I found a pt not correctly set up for a t-piece weaning trial. I quickly brought this to the attention of the Individual who was interviewing me and She quickly corrected the issue. needles to say that RT no longer works at the unit.
You know I thought the whole Ideal was to represent the company in a professional and cutting edge manner. How ever I was kick out for just being a good RT. I feel very disappointed about the whole incident. It caused me not to be able to have my daughter with me this summer. The contract is more important than an Rt(me) (this is what was said to me) I was never given an oppurtunity to speak to my accusers on my behalf for my livly hood.
That fact is that Winter Garden is a real Dump to work in. Yet I loved my Job and my Pt's ,that did not count for any thing.
My supervisor was great to work with and always supported me for that I am greatfull.
Yet, if I were asked to return I do not belive that I would. I have seen so many distressing things at that facility, and I never went out of my way to tattle tale on cnas or the nurses. I wonder what does it realy take to succeed with this company and who's butt do you have to kiss. lol
Well I have spoken these are my thoughts and If you care about your RT's I hope that you will stand behind them in the future.

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lisfoxster in Worcester, Massachusetts

108 months ago

This position has NOTHING to do w/ your FL position. Why post this?

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