Ga Dept of Labor

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toomuchexperienceandover40 in Union, Mississippi

112 months ago

Why are all the jobs posted here result in wages below $8.00 an hour, or have requirements for the job so outlandish that you never would be considered anyway.


1. Need a B.S. degree or a higher degree.
2. Many, many years of experience (your too old when achieved).
3. Companies want young applicants to drill or mold their way (experience?).
4. Waste your expensive gas for an interview and a job you'll never get.
5. Have a 25 yr old, 4 years in the work force interview a person with 20 years experience.
6. Think your too experienced or too old to work as a team player in the trenches again.
7. Afraid you'll take their jobs if hired because your very experienced.
8. A recruiter represenative from a major U.S. employer was late setting up the presentation for all perspective applicants while we sat and waited. Very unprofessional for a major company recruiting new employees and then turn you down anyway. (I could've smoked his ass without any knowledge of the content).
9. Treated applicants like we were a bunch of dummies and didn't have a clue how much experience individuals attending had.
10. Company represenative acted like his _hit didn't stink and you were a slug.

Well, this country's going to hell and the Govt. doesn't care the least bit about its people or its veterans at all. No job? lots of experience? then work for minimum wage is the way they see it.

Good luck folks, they really don't care.

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Summer92 in South, Georgia

23 months ago

I know this is a very old post, but I use the Georgia Department Of Labor's website to look for jobs and I agree with you. Plus, why does it ask for your SSN# when you apply to be referred to a job there? Do they not realize that is not a smart thing to do considering identity theft? I also see lots of basic low level positions wanting degrees. Seriously it really is no wonder so many people are out of work. Needing a degree to be a data entry clerk or an accounting clerk is silly and ridiculous.

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