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What do you think - will GNC grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does GNC stack up against the competition?

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Anne50 in Le Center, Minnesota

100 months ago

I would have to admit that I am never intimidated or totally outraged, EXCEPT for my recent experience with the manager of the GNC store at the River Hills Mall at Mankato, Minnesota. We questioned her concerning her store policies with regard to not having our membership ship with us. She became very belligerant and obnoxious with her replies, indicating that our intelligence was less than obvious because we did not have our membership cards with us. She referenced a sheet with members names on it, did not see our name; indicating that membership was probably expired. Offered no further assistance with regard to renewing membership, asking how she could help us, offering us information with regard to how to complete any transaction. We offered nformation on methods during which other retailers handle customers who "did not have their card in their possession", but she indicated that she did not care how other stores handle their customers. She refused to offer her name, and her manager's name. When we continued to ask questions with regard to policy and how to use our paid membership and what she wanted us to do, (besides drive 30 miles home to retrieve little membership card), she indicated that she had the right to refused service to us. We questioned her with regard to what type of grounds she would use to refused service to us. She neglected to respond to that question, however, did pick up a phone and indicated that she was going to call Mall security to have us removed. The young man who was on as clerk that evening was standing to the side watching these verbal transactions and also indicated to us that he felt that his manager was getting out of hand. I will continue to pursue management at this store, as this manager, was completely out of control. I am presently at the point where I may consider my legal council to pursue the managerial methods employed by this woman at the Mankato store.

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PhillipFry in Seattle, Washington

70 months ago

I'm sorry but it sounds like YOU were the a-hole Anne. Anyone who works in retail knows that it is always the customer who aggravates and escalates a situation and the associate & managers are always bending over backwards to do their job. If you got into a situation like that I imagine you did something to put yourself in that situation & because you have taken it so personally as to go out of your way to pursue this further would warrant that you may have an EXTREME case of angry-stupid-customer syndrome.

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Anne50 in Le Center, Minnesota

64 months ago

Mr. Fry:
It is apparant that you are either writing a facetious comment or that you are an employee of GNC. My guess is that you are an employee/manager of a GNC, and do not wish to admit to the fact that there are poorly trained managers in these stores. Attitudes such as yours are becoming all too prevalent in today's society. It is because of the lack of attention to customer's needs that the retail companies are losing customers. GNC has not been the only example of poor managerial policies; it extends to the manner in which employees are trained in most all retail establishments. Common courtesy is a thing of the past. This is my basic reason for attempting to do more and more purchases/research online via most any search engine. Running into rudeness, lack of appreciation and total disregard to the customer is generally nonexistent with online companies. The internet cannot be blamed for attracting the population to an anonymous site for efficiency; the lack of courtesy and attention on the part of the physical store retailers can.

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