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AA in Orange, California

82 months ago

From Los Angeles, CA BEVERLY — 10/16/2010
Category Rating
Pay -4
Respect -5
Benefits 2
Job Security 2
Work/Life Balance -5
Career Potential/Growth -5
Location -5
Co-worker Competence -5
Work Environment -5
WARNING IF YOU ARE A STORE MANAGER TRAINEE/TIRE SALESMAN PLEASE READ!!!! I worked for Just Tires for about 2 years and it was probably the worst time of my life. I had to put up with violations after violations and no one gave a sh#$t, not the store manager, district manager, regional etc. One thing only matters, SALES!! sell this sell that and they give you the toilet paper they used to wipe their ass with as a bonus(its a crappy incentive program.) This company is cheap the people working there are living with the caveman mentality so everyday you come to work you'll digress mentally/spiritually/personally, physically you name it. Your social/family/personal life will seize to exist once you start working there particularly as a manager trainee, no weekends, close the days you work, 5-6 day work week, vacation time occurs after one year with the company(40 hrs for the whole year, BULLSH$*$!!!) Because of our horrendous economy I had to make ends meet and accepted this job based on what was conveyed to me online/phone/in person everything sounded okay. Now that I am longer there i hope to help those who may be interested or already there but regretting their decision to work for Goodyear/Just Tires. If you are Assistant Manager Trainee do your training so you can take advantage of the free food, airfare to corporate headquarters, and some extra cash. Once you are placed permanently at the store, quit me there are sooooo many other jobs/careers out there that are head and shoulders above this one.

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