Google Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Google?

What do you like best about working at Google? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

Kimmy Richardson in Sunnyvale, California

100 months ago

Very Poor . I've been there couple of years and their pay really sucks benefits average

Allon in Phoenix, Arizona

100 months ago

Kimmy Richardson said: Very Poor . I've been there couple of years and their pay really sucks benefits average

I'm surprised you wrote that. I had always heard they paid well and gave great benefits. Have things changed or did I get bad information?

Tran in Oakland, California

99 months ago

Allon said:
One of the unique things I had heard about Google is that they provide their employees with meals for breakfast, lunch, and supper. On the surface, that would seem like a very nice perk, but maybe it is an enticement to get their employees to spend some very long hours at work?

Indeed, by NOT leaving the office building because of onsite services (doctor, laundry etc) you'd spend more time at work. Google even has a massage program to help tardy, tired and sore employees become relaxed ones. Sounds like a sweatshop huh?

James in West Covina, California

99 months ago

I recently got e-mailed for a position at the Mountain View office. I am considering it...

Salary is always important but as I am very young still, my top priority is personal and professional growth. Aside from salary, how does Google compare to several other companies?

K in Rochester, New York

97 months ago

Software developer interns get paid $34/hour...Plus relocation expenses.

I'd imagine that full timers get more than interns.

Indeed Admin in Stamford, Connecticut

84 months ago

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bharath in Bangalore, India

38 months ago

will an google coloud developer get paid a $25000 per year .. that too working in india...

bharath in Bangalore, India

38 months ago

will an google cloud developer gets paid a $25000 PA.. he is an fresher, just passed out his bachelors degree, with no experiance..that too working in india..

zZz in Bangalore, India

37 months ago


It is very much possible. I am graduating this year and my classmate got into GOOGLE india, for a salary of around 12 lacs. I am not sure if he is cloud developer though. You should know that he is THE AWESOMEST computer geek i've ever met. Google pays well, but makes sure that you're the best. I hear, they don't take more than 50 freshers from India in a year, and that too mostly from IIT, IIIT,DAICT and NITs. All the best!


devi in Vijayawada, India

20 months ago

does Google have confirmation mail for freshers in training?How does the email look like?

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