A Plethora of Questions regarding Google Recruitment

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ElizaDay in Burlingame, California

69 months ago

I have been submitting my resume for numerous non-tech (marketing) positions at Google. I've read quite a few negative conversations about how selective the hiring process is so I'm curious as to whether or not the following will work against me. Also, a good friend of mine has a good friend at Google and said he'd see what he could do to help me get an interview. Not sure if that will help me in the hiring process.

I have a BFA from a top university but I have defaulted on my student loans. I am wondering if this would count against me.

Also, I'm in my 40s. I have accumulated years of marketing experience. Will Google consider me in spite of my age? I'm submitting myself for mid-level associate and management positions (at youtube and Google) and nothing too high up the corporate scale or remotely technical. I also have lots of experience working w/ Google marketing tools like Adwords and Analytics. Was thinking of getting Adwords certified and wondering if this would make a difference.

I don't have my GPA. I tried to get my transcripts from my university but because of my student loans, they won't release it. Will Google be able to retrieve it? Will they frown because I can't remember my GPA?

I have read conflicting information about working at Google. Some places say it's great and they're good to their employees while others say they're notorious for underpaying and overworking. Which is accurate?

Is the recruitment process as rigorous for non-technical jobs?

Any advice or feedback is appreciated.


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