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PM in Boulder in Broomfield, Colorado

128 months ago

They ran me through half a dozen phone and in person interviews. Said that I had all the skills they need... but they did not have the courtesey to call back and close on the interview one way or the other. Their recruiting process is seriously broke! But that may be OKay if people are lining up to work there. The people seemed really nice and very sharp there.

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Scott in Dallas, Texas

125 months ago

Romy Ransom in Chicago, Illinois said: I AGREE WITH YOU!!! I have tried several times to apply for the administrative assistant position which has been posted for more than a year! I have a very hard time believing that they can't find a qualified person for this position. I would like for someone to have them investigated by the attorney general for their hiring practices.

Probably because they want to hire people on H1B visas. It's the latest trend. They have to post an ad and then they claim that they "can't find anyone qualified". They go crying to the gov't for an H1B just to save $. It's quite the scam.

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Styli in Los Gatos, California

118 months ago

bottom line the economy is not doing too well, all these interviews with all companies are just cover-ups, it's a HR dream actually. And, about all the software engineering stuff is BS as well; as an engineer what BS "projects" can you do once every 3 months while cruising on the net 24/7 of the time? The real "software engineers" come from Eastern Europe and some from India; and even then Microsoft is all over them.

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ashutoshthakur in Los Angeles, California

93 months ago

@Scott in Dallas

Google is not always looking for H1B visa guys. I am an international student in USC and my friend took 6 rounds of interviews at Google SF. He was later told that he he is the desired candidate however because of his low GPA (3.1) they can not offer him job.

This guy has one of the most downloaded app on Apple Store...So Google is quite choosy.

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ria in New Delhi, India

70 months ago

i am a graduate, i have done BCA From a regular college and have a year of web designing experience both creative and tech. and thinking of doing currently doing MCA correspondence.
i want to work at google as a web designer.

First, I want to know that will my MCA from correspondence reduce the chance of me being considered for the interview?

Second, are their any jobs for a web designer in google?

Please I need some guidance, Who ever can help me out with my queries, Do reply

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Highly Experienced in Bolingbrook, Illinois

49 months ago

Bluetea in Texas said: Wonder all you want. Google gets over 10,000 apps a week.

No doubt. And I'd be willing to give it another try. My point is that even with over 10,000 or even 75,000 a week, these applicants are also customers. If the posts I read here is on average how the really is, based on the law of averages this is not a good trend. I hope it's
only an anomaly experienced by a few and not the standard procedure. I'd like to hear more from the other side; those with great experiences and the successfully hired folks.

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