What to expect with phone conversation with the recruiter?

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DeveloperTracy in Washington, District of Columbia

77 months ago

A recruiter contacted me about a position for Java Engineer at Google. He found me from searching online through a job/career site.

I have read a lot about the phone interviews and the in person interviews at Google, but today I have a call with the recruiter. Should I assume it will just be general like my experience, what I want from a career, etc? I have been studying big O, some sorting algorithms, general Java programming questions.

I'm not the type of person to work on side projects. I also had to really review everything like the big O and algorithms because I haven't done in 14 years from undergrad computer science class.

Should I expect technical questions by the recruiter?

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Barry in Toronto, Ontario

76 months ago

If you are an experienced hire, I don't think so. It is just a few basic questions like your experience, what you are looking for in your next job, your situation in terms of job searching.

BUT, if you are a student, be aware they do ask technical question... I was surprised too.
She gave me a choice among data structure and algorithm, network, hardware (that was for a IT Engineer job).

I went for data structure... She then asked me about quick sort, merge sort...I am not a CS major and didn't even prepare for it... That was embarrassing.

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