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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does Halliburton stack up against the competition?

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IronMan in Trinidad, Colorado

126 months ago

Halliburton will survive.I am from the town in Oklahoma where Halliburton all started and without Halliburton that town would crumble.We are the best well service company there is no contest.I don't know how it works overseas but in the U.S.A. there is no one better.I'm not trying to be an ass kisser but it's true.The crew I work with is the best i've ever worked with.We are a very close family.We take pride in our work and we don't let anything get in the way of messing it up.

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Schnookadi in Poteau, Oklahoma

115 months ago

What part of Oklahoma? We are from Oklahoma. My husband has been trying to get on at
Halliburton in Ft. Smith. The lady in the office said to apply on line. so we did...
she said we would hear something from them in a couple of weeks. It has been two
months. My husband is a truck driver, been one for 15 years. He applied for an entry
level Operator Assistant 1 position for five or six different jobs. Is there any
advice or help you could give to us? Thank- you for reading and repling to this.

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act781 in Brighton, Colorado

109 months ago

You need to apply online. WWW.Halliburton.Jobs

This is the emial to look for jobs, then when you go there you need to sign up and make a profile. Search for a job were you want to go, then apply. Not only that but find out who requested the position and try to contact that person.

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benb1178 in Midland, Texas

34 months ago

Online is a joke.. I have been with Big Red aka Halliburton for two years no one gets in here unless you know some body. Or your a MIT graduate..

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