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David in San Diego, California in Encinitas, California

95 months ago

After a successful phone interview with HD Supply Facilities Maintenance for a marketing position, I was called in for an interview. I met with three individuals – one manager I would not report to, one manager I would report to, and the department head. The interview went very well, though at the end when salary was discussed, I simply asked to be paid the market value for the position, should they see me as the right person for the job. I won’t mention the grief I received from my interviewers because of this, but after following up with all three managers with a thank you letter, I never received back any contact. The least a company should do after requiring your time to prepare for and conduct an interview is acknowledge your standing afterward.

I expected much more from a company of such a standard with such enormous resources, though this may be reflective of this particular branch and/or department.

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kb in Temecula, California

93 months ago

Thanks for the heads up! I am scheduled for a telephone interview for the postion of Customer Care Rep. I have no idea what their salary ranges are for this and any other positions they are offering. Do you or anybody out there have an idea? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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93 months ago

No matter what the wages are, becareful of getting raises. I know someone who worked for this company for 11 years. Then when the powers that be felt they were not making enough money, they cut jobs. However, they cut those jobs from the top end of the experience scale rather than the fat at the bottom. So a guy with 3 months experience and no skills kept his job doing the same position as the guy who had been there for 11 years. No loyalty among thieves they say. So, in my opinion, if you are looking for a dead end, go nowhere position, you have found your lot. If you are looking for a long term committment from an employer, look elsewhere.

Also you should know that the benefits are high. They pay a portion of the employees benefits and nothing for the spouse and family. That is all on the employees to cover.

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