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What do you think - will Hollander grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does Hollander stack up against the competition?


2 months ago

Welk is struggling. They are making good money but the current management is so greedy they are sucking up all the profits for themselves. They have several job openings, all of which will be underpaid, terribly overworked, then let go with job elimination excuses and replaced. I would not rate them higher than their competition either. They have a bad reputation because they sell timeshares and are not honest our ethical. Typical of most timeshares but they are worse than most.

dwightrobinson in Akron, Ohio

2 months ago

I received a letter from Greenleaf Akron yesterday informing me of a Clinician change. I was immediately preturbed. First they addressed me as Dear Valued Mr. Dwight Robinson, indicating to me that I was about to read something not completely sincere. "As of today. . . ," the letter was dated Oct 30th, your clinician is no longer employed by GFC. That was a shocking revelation and as I read further I started to experience a feeling of anger, the very emotion they were supposed to be treating me for. Additionally, they gave me an aultimatum to contact them within 15 days or they will close my case. Curious, My case was supposed to already be closed as of Oct 12th with the issuance of the completion certificate.

I called them immediately and inquired about the letter. The explaination given me was, she's no longer here due to cut-backs. That answer and the tone of voice when spoken was suspect to me, a cover all lie so that no further questions could be asked. I believe, considering the method of therapy chosen for me by my clinician, one-on-one counseling instead of group counseling which I detest passionately, I believe they fired her because of that decision to accomodate me in a manner that would be beneficial to me.

This is only the beginning of my efforts to find the truth behind her removal. If it is proven to me that their claim of downsizing was indeed the cause, I will relent. But if I find out otherwise I will contact every media source and every buracuracy to voice my intense (angry) disatisfaction with their practice principles.

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