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Updated 4 hours ago

How to get a job at Home Depot. - 62 Replies

[QUOTE who="Joe in Farlington, Kansas"]Yes I work at HomeDepot and love it. My pay is above board and was surprised with what they started me with....

Zack Lloyd

Updated 2 days ago

Terminated from home deopt!` - 12 Replies

I got hired as a part time overnight stock associate for Home Depot in Virginia Beach in February of this year, and worked there for about 2 months...


Updated 15 days ago

Salaries and Benefits - 387 Replies

What is a office/store support position like? And any idea on salary?

John in MD

Updated 16 days ago

Offered a job...then nothing - 1 Reply

These days, it typically isn't safe to assume much of anything. Companies and people say allot of things and never follow through. Perhaps you...


Updated 21 days ago

home depot sucks - 67 Replies

Well, this is the one job I'm glad I didn't get ... I applied online for an office position at the HD corporate headquarters in Atlanta. I almost...


Updated 28 days ago

Part-time hours at Home Depot - 1 Reply

retired laborer looking for part-time work


Updated 1 month ago

Home Depot - after drug test - 2 Replies

Thanks I should have made it clear that I have nothing to worry about. I'm a professional that never failed a drug test or background check. I just...


Updated 1 month ago

Just got fired yesterday from Home Depot!!!! - 250 Replies

I too was fired from Home Depot after only 2 months working as an overnight freight associate.... I was given only one warning four days after...


Updated 1 month ago


how long do u have to be working at homedepot to get the holiday pay?

Jack Kerouac

Updated 1 month ago

Recent Terminations Home Depot - 125 Replies

Several weeks ago, a customer while returning her grill, complained about me sharing my work experience while loading a grill. The OPS manager and...


Updated 1 month ago

about the drug test - 14 Replies

[QUOTE who="me in New York, New York"]they are really not looking for THC. and they are looking for levels of THC. Someone I met once who worked in...


Updated 1 month ago

Pay at Home Depot - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="laacceeyy in Massachusetts"]What does HD pay a cashier hourly? What are their benefits? Discounts? Thanks[/QUOTE] hourly pay :...


Updated 1 month ago

You do not want to work for HD as a HR Store Mgr - 59 Replies

What do you do


Updated 2 months ago

background check - 69 Replies

I have just recently got a interview for home depot for overnight merchandising and i went to the interview passed with flying colors the manager...


Updated 2 months ago

Home Depot only lets you start as a cashier? - 2 Replies

I actually got accepted as a pt cashier at my local Home Depot and I'm not a female or a man over 50 but I have little work experience so that could...


Updated 2 months ago

Home Depot? - 3 Replies

Sweetpea. I did quit. I wasn't getting anywhere near the 29 hrs./Pt. Time. I worked the self check out a good bit and enjoyed it. No Metrics, No...


Updated 3 months ago

Applying at Home Depot is a complete waste of time - 124 Replies

I'm currently working for HD now doing garden recovery and i have to say it's not the best but it's a job. I believe the pay should be more than...


Hiring Process

Three years ago, when I was 59 years old, I applied for a position at Home Depot, online. Subsequently, I was contacted by phone and asked a number...


Updated 3 months ago

Home Depot - 113 Replies

where can i find the test?


38 hoping to be an ASM by 43.

Is that realistic?

will let me go

Updated 3 months ago

Reverse Prejudice - 29 Replies

[QUOTE who="Milton in Dedham, Massachusetts"]That is a bunch of crap! There is disrimination against white males. Does not matter how smart or...


Updated 4 months ago

How can this person got fired if they followed SOP at home depot??? - 5 Replies

power hour just means you focus on the customers. You are allowed breaks. If the managers don't allow it contact corporate.


Updated 4 months ago

Can ASM's Drink at a bar with hourly employees? - 2 Replies

I can imagine knowing that they do that now knowing that they will try to fire you for calling the awareness line even though your doing the right...


Updated 4 months ago

Home Depot Interview Questions. - 16 Replies

I applied via the internet last week, i was wondering how long does it take them to make contact with you once the assessment is complete. I did well...


Updated 5 months ago

i got fired after 20 yrs of service - 21 Replies

[QUOTE who="quebola1 in Miami, Florida"]Lowe's is a better company, Home Depot only care for Home Depot they fired a lot of manager and tenure...

Jack Kerouac

Updated 6 months ago

Don't Waste Your Time - 12 Replies

Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe's, Target, Office Depot, and many other big box companies all work off corporate politics. Everything goes great there...

Amanda492 in Columbus, Pennsylvania

ASM Operations

Can anyone please tell me about their experiences in this job position? Do you travel much. Do you need to drive a forklift? What are the main...

Jack Kerouac in Newport News, Virginia

Updated 7 months ago

Working at Home Depot - 14 Replies

I worked at a Home Depot in the Austin area and thought it would be a good job to earn a little money after retiring. I came from high tech so to...

old dummy in Rogue River, Oregon

Updated 7 months ago

Should I call the hotline... - 8 Replies

I have brought this to other management's attention, but have seen it happen a couple times since. Over the past couple months, a fairly new...

Ed in Visalia, California

Updated 9 months ago

drug test and back ground - 1 Reply

So I went to home depo for a in store interview this monday accepted the offer for part time cashier . Took the drug test the same day and they did...

tvck1955 in Eatontown, New Jersey

Updated 9 months ago

Schedules - 27 Replies

At our store the scheduler has complete control over our lives. As a full timer we have open availabilty, fine, part timers run the schedule with...

chasityc79 in Bronx, New York

Updated 10 months ago

So, I went through background check and drug testing..but... - 1 Reply

I haven't heard back from them. I know I passed both of them. The hr person told to not call her, but email her instead. I did twice, but...

Beverly in Pomona, California

Updated 10 months ago

Background check at home depot - 69 Replies

How long does it take for home depot to do background check I did my drug test already but I'm just waiting tomorrow will make a week and 2 days

vaialaetupu in Reno, Nevada

Updated 11 months ago

online application - 11 Replies

was trying to access my account online but forgot my password.. I've spoken with HR at my local store but she stated that she could not do anything...

ms_713 in Houston

Updated 12 months ago

whats the longest wait for a drug test/background check to come back from home depot - 2 Replies

I want to know how long does it actually takes for a drug test aond background to come back its been over 2 and a half weeks now and the lady in hr...

rinkydynk in Piqua, Ohio

Updated 12 months ago

drug test - 1 Reply

How long does it take for a drug test to come from HD is two and a half weeks normal.

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Home Depot Interview procedures does not make sense - 1 Reply

I apply for cashier at three different stores. I clearly did not mark any other position and I am not interested to be on the freight team. I have...

barb49 bandy in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 12 months ago

Where's Are My Fellow Associates Who Actually Like Working At the Home Depot? Lets hear some pos. Comments - 25 Replies

I've been here at the Depot for 5 years and I can't think of a better place to work. I used to be a contractor and had just about every crappy job...

Rich A1 in Chatsworth, California

Updated 13 months ago

HR Managers getting fired - 228 Replies

I heard today that all HR Managers in stores below 35 million will be fired in the 2nd quarter.

barb49 bandy in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 14 months ago

Home Depot cuulture, Is S. Harrasement going on! - 14 Replies

After reading some of the posts here it sounds as though Home Depot may be in violation of keeping its working culture safe and harrasement free. ...

Abidur Rahman in North Bellmore, New York

Updated 15 months ago

Is there anyone here that works/has worked for Home Depot? (Benefits and Time-Off) - 1 Reply

I am an unemployed college grad thinking of applying to Home Depot for an analyst position. Would anyone be willing to share any information with...

Abidur Rahman in North Bellmore, New York

Updated 15 months ago

The good the bad and the ugly. - 2 Replies

Good pay,bad attitudes (everybody tries to prove they are right or smarter, better than the next ),snd ugly just how you get fired for the petty...

Abidur Rahman in North Bellmore, New York

Worried about being fired from Home Depot., please help.

So basically I work as a lot attendant at Home Depot. The other day I was on the lot, and found a small fan which had appeared to have been dumped...

Former Cash Cow in Escondido, California

Updated 15 months ago

age discrimination - 18 Replies

I was worked as a cashier for Home Depot for almost a year in which older women who somehow accused of things and fired. I am older and when the...

ozwitch in Buffalo, New York

Updated 16 months ago

Union start up - 4 Replies

Here at the Ithaca HD we are trying to start a union. We can't wait till Obama is in office and passes the bill so it will be easier for us to...

Dadepotsux in Citrus Heights, California

Updated 16 months ago

Military Discount - 3 Replies

I was recently terminated from HD and was with them for 8 yrs. I was terminated for not asking one of the associates for her military ID everytime...

Dadepotsux in Citrus Heights, California

Updated 16 months ago

store meetings at dumb hours - 2 Replies

Have any of you ever had dumb store meetings at dumb hours? The one I worked at had it at 6 am on Sunday mornings and sometimes it was held just to...

Dadepotsux in Citrus Heights, California

Updated 16 months ago

should i tell store manager? - 7 Replies

there is a DH at my store sending dirty pics to a cashier she says it doesent bother her but it is really bothering me what should i mind my own...

kashed in Jonesboro, Georgia

How Do I get Hired at Home Depot call center

I have applied numerous times online for customer service positions at the new call center in Kennesaw, GA. I always seem to miss the job fairs which...

JohnDoe1980 in Home Depot Sucks, Georgia

Updated 18 months ago

can you get re-hired after getting fired ? - 5 Replies

I used to work at store #420 in scottsdale, az. and i was 6 months working there as a freight team. my story is that since i was living with my...

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