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RJ in Mississauga, Ontario

Home Depot Transfer

Heya! I love working at Home Depot! I have met the most amazing associates!! I just have a quick question, cause I am not sure about...

skratch in Richmond, Virginia

home depot sales associate appliances anybody work in that department?

i got a interview for it but i really wanted to just be a cashier, i was if i was to get hired would they train me on appliances because i know...

melody_lyric00 in Anniston, Alabama

Home Depot Background check

I was recently offered a job as cashier at Home Depot, pending the results of a drug test and background check. I passed the drug test but my...

JD in Denver, Colorado

Home Depot Music Viddey

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZhfD67E54I I was just hoping for some advice and oppinions on this thanks

Candace Esposito in Wildwood, Illinois

Updated 73 months ago

Getting fired. - 120 Replies

Something to think about. I got fired when I was pregant and missing work due to morning sickness. I was sick for about four months and missed...

lolzzzzzler in Riverside, California

HR wont tell me how many points I have?!?!

Cashier at home depot here....So I was told the home depot went back tot he point system (10 and your out right?) And i have some previous 8min or...

rdynes in Brentwood, California

Drug Tested in California Home Depot's

Who has been sent for a drug test by Home Depot in California post accident, just because of the dollar amount of damage done was over $199.00. If...

jill in Athens, Georgia

Updated 74 months ago

criminal background check at home depot - 2 Replies

I got offered a head cashier position in garner, NC. Does anyone know a straight answer about how far back home depot will pull background? I hear...


Updated 76 months ago

Hiring Practices? - 2 Replies

Today I went in home depot for an interview as a freight team member. The interview went very well and the manager that interviewed me was very nice,...

jachicas81 in Washington, District of Columbia

District Investigator..

What is the salary of a District Investigator?

Owluvegas in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 78 months ago

Bleeding Orange - 40 Replies

Where are all my fellow associates who love the Home Depot and bleed orange Let's hear from you. I have been with HD for 16 almost 17 years and still...

kaerinelson in Green Cove Springs, Florida

Updated 78 months ago


I just got hired this week as a sales associate. I told them I can work any time, which is true, however I have 4 days that I MUST take off in March...

chux in Fresno, California

Updated 79 months ago

Home Depot - 84 Replies

Has anyone noticed that Home Depot has more negative comments that any other company

Defiled in rock hill, South Carolina

I'm not an employee but noticing alot of good older employees at rock hill sc home depot gone.

They use 2 have 2 people just answering the phones 2 years ago. Now the employees at service desk are trying to answer all the phones and contact...

Lena0522 in Miami, Florida

Updated 80 months ago

Another on ebitws the dust - 7 Replies

I was fired from the home depot 3 weeks ago after 20 years of service. I think they fired me wrongfully but am not sure? Does any one out there have...

tmb63 in Oakdale, California

Updated 82 months ago

Home Depot Drama Springfield MA - 2 Replies

I work at HD and love my job. It is a great store. Why is it that those of us that are happy usually end up being dragged down by all of the inner...

orangeokie in Patchogue, New York

Updated 83 months ago

Our voices need to be heard!! - 8 Replies

With jobless claims rising your voices need to be heard. Press releases about many of your concerns are hitting the internest. Search the internet...

sandbag in westminster, California

was fired after 9 years at depot for tardiness its been two years

i was fired for tardiness after working for depot for 9 years its been two years does any one know the sop on elegibility for getting hired back?

southern in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Updated 86 months ago

New Health Assessment - 1 Reply

Starting in 2011, Home Depot is requiring a health assessment for all full time and salaried associates enrolled in a HD medical plan. You must...

DW in Spring Lake, Michigan

Online personality and IQ test

Home Depot's online aplication site, How important is the personality and IQ test? I have hear that the test has to be passed before being...

unhappy HD employee in Fort Pierce, Florida

many gripes store management and treatment

I have worked at HD for a year now was brought in for my yearly review. was hired $8 per hour. got a 2% raise cause its all they will allow. In my...

Bella_C in Springfield, Massachusetts

Updated 87 months ago

Home Depot.... The other side... Great place to work - 2 Replies

I want to say something to all of the Negative people bashing HD. For my part, I can only say they have been wonderful to work for. I was with them...

DukeW in Anywhere

Updated 88 months ago

Possbile fraud? What is the SOP regarding cross-clocking? - 2 Replies

Does anyone know the SOP regarding cross-clocking? Basically my store's management team keeps our store severely understaffed, especially in certain...

happy positive in Anywhere

Updated 88 months ago

Age Discrimination - 4 Replies

Hey all you former or so to be Home Depot employees. I wolud like to know how many of you are long term workers or above the age of 60? It seems to...

masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 89 months ago

Do I need expirence to get a sales Associate job? - 7 Replies

I'm currently 21 and looking for a part-time job while I'm in college. Do hw,garden,lumber,..etc need experience in that field to get the job or does...

masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 89 months ago

Inventory Specialist job at Home Depot - 4 Replies

Can someone tell me what an Inventory Specialist does? What hours they typically work? Or any other useful information on the position? Thanks.

llama in you only want to know, American Samoa

Updated 90 months ago

Can someone lose their full time status out of the blue? - 1 Reply

I've been working for Home Depot for 3 years now. I started in a store in Texas as a part time associate, however, after I graduated college I...

TexasTransplant in Hagerstown, Maryland

Can you lose your full-time status out of the blue?

I've been working for Home Depot for 3 years now. I started in a store in Texas as a part time associate, however, after I graduated college I...

retiredhd in hoffman estates, Illinois

happy labor day

Happy labor day to all the hourly rated employees that have labored in the trenches to make home depot a successful company. Hopefully there will be...

retiredhd in hoffman estates, Illinois

Updated 91 months ago

Whats the pay for a Resolution Expediter? - 2 Replies

Interview tomorrow at the The Home Depot Store Support Center in atlanta

masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 91 months ago

home depot as an employer - 17 Replies

i have worked there for 9 years and it has been a very rewarding experiance. im a kitchen designer and i love my job. the management in my store is...

retiredhd in hoffman estates, Illinois

Updated 92 months ago

home depot - 5 Replies

ok so i just got offered a job at home depot and im alittle worried about my background check, 3yrs ago i was a cna and there were accusations of...

Thejuelkster in Manteca, California

Updated 92 months ago

What is the exact tardie rule for The Home Depot? - 7 Replies

I was workin at the new RDC in Tracy California and I have recently been fired for clocking in 2 minutes late at the begining of my work shift. Our...


Updated 92 months ago

Home Depot Employment Credit Check - 6 Replies

I have recently been through the entire interview process for an ASM position with Home Depot and have signed the job offer, background check forms,...

llama in you only want to know, American Samoa

Updated 93 months ago

Getting Employed with Home Depot - 2 Replies

Hi, I've been trying to get a job at the Home Depot for almost a month now as a Lot Attendant or Receiving Associate. I filled out and submitted...

retiredhd in hoffman estates, Illinois

Updated 93 months ago

Recent Corporate Changing of Schedules 10-09 (part 1) - 6 Replies

Has this been happening in your stores? I'm in an Austin, Texas store and recently (first of October) we were told "corporate" just made some new...

kermitthefrog in Fort Recovery, Ohio

Updated 93 months ago

Negative Management - 1 Reply

It's sad, but true, the clean apron managers and their wannabes that post always show such a disdain for the working people of Home Depot. They...

retiredhd in hoffman estates, Illinois

Updated 93 months ago

Lost Key's - 3 Replies

There was an associate that I am good friends with at a neighboring store that lost his keys. He is afraid he is going to lose his job for this. He...

Message to Home Depot

Updated 94 months ago

Sexual Harassment - 3 Replies

Alright, this is a long story. I had this on a local forum for reference if needed, but no actions were taken. I will copy and paste the original...

Davileet in Mcgaheysville, Virginia

Home Depot Tool Rental Associate

I have some paper filing to do and a drug test on this coming Monday. I am just wondering if anyone has an idea of how much a tool rental associate...

sifon187 in Savannah, Georgia

Updated 95 months ago

Worst hiring practices I've encountered - 1 Reply

I have to say these have been really trying times. I lost my previous job as the company I was working for went under. I am also self employed and...

Igor Stepanov in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 95 months ago

RSW SALES - 2 Replies

Hi there! I'm new here and wondering if any of you experienced HD folks could help me out? I've just been hired for RWS sales and am having second...

Homer3 in Ajax, Ontario

Updated 96 months ago

Benefit Eligibility - 9 Replies

How many hours/week do you need to work at Home Depot stores in order to be eligible for medical benefits?

bennies in Washington, District of Columbia


Eventually, the IMS position will be deleted. Home Depot will be issuing hand-held devices--similar to the ones in receiving. So while IMS's are...

jimz asd in Riverside, California

manager/DH phones..

What kind are they ? the black ones that have a cover on it with exposing the screen.. and they have batteries on the back like walkies? anyone know...

jimz asd in Riverside, California

Updated 97 months ago

apply now or wait? already working at depot...in store appilcation - 2 Replies

so here is the deal been workimg at home depot for 1 yr and a half been in lot all this time. i recently had review went great they asked if i wanted...

marie monster in Franklin Park, Illinois

Updated 97 months ago

Nervous about my job. - 9 Replies

I was stupid and used a store credit that a customer gave me and now I am nervous for my job. I was called back and spoke with LP this Saturday and I...

Homer3 in Ajax, Ontario

Updated 97 months ago

What about Canada? - 5 Replies

Hi - I'm new to the company and wondered what all the Canadian associates think about the company. Most of the postings seem to be from American...

Homer3 in Ajax, Ontario

Updated 97 months ago

Home Depot Hiring Temps Only... - 9 Replies

Effective Emmediately, all employees hired by the Home Depot will be 90 day temps only, this will save the company possibly millions in benefits...

Homer3 in Ajax, Ontario

Updated 97 months ago

Home Depot and Temps - 1 Reply

I was hired as a temporary along with another temp at my Home Depot back in April. I didn't like being hired as a temp but they said if we had worked...

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