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arizhopi41@*****.*** in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 90 months ago

Supervisor taking etest for employee - 2 Replies

We have recently learned that one of our freight members (not the brightest, horrible attitude) has refused to take any of the required test for HD...

arizhopi41@*****.*** in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 90 months ago

Supervisor Position Interview Process - 1 Reply

I was just imformed by the manager with whom I interviewed that I am one of his "choices" (they are looking to fill two supervisor positions) and he...

dee fox in cedar city, Utah

Updated 90 months ago


I recently just got a call for an interview at Home Depot...And i was wondering what do the cashiers have to wear as their uniform at work? THANKS IN...

dabnt in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Updated 90 months ago

Master plumbing specialist - 13 Replies

Anyone know how much HD pays, also are the benefits any good?? How for back do they go for the background check?

hardworkin lady in California, California

Updated 91 months ago

question about SOP on doctors notes - 1 Reply

ok, i've been working for home depot for almost 3 years now. Not to long ago they hired an asm who i think absolutely hates me. It seems like she is...

Jim Jim in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Updated 93 months ago

Health insurance information (help a disabled child!) - 7 Replies

I have a 4 year old son with autism. Most health insurance plans don't cover autism treatment. (My wife and I will pay close to $40k this year for...

masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 93 months ago

What does home depot look for on a motor vehicle bacjground check - 1 Reply

I am looking at home depot for a job, and I found out the are gonna run a motor vehicle check. I have some tickets and accidents would this prevent...

Ricardo Valle in Torrance, California

Updated 93 months ago

Cutting salaried Assistants? - 8 Replies

I have heard that they are looking at reducing the number of assistant managers assigned to each store. Has anyone else heard this?

Ho Lee Smoak in Beaverton, Oregon

Updated 94 months ago

Can somebody tell me what the interview and hiring process is like at Home Depot? - 1 Reply

I'm kinda curious to see what happens after you apply for a position at Home Depot!

masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 94 months ago

What does a *I mean on the daily report? - 1 Reply

You know the big thick booklet report of your clockins/clockouts? I had clocked in at like 1000 and (ignoring lunch here) clocked out at 1901 (was...

skinner hans in Hibbing, Minnesota

Updated 95 months ago

Master trade specialists - 7 Replies

What hours are your specialists working. Are they on a set schedule?

Homer Depot in Maryland Heights, Washington

Oops my bad! Now I have an "I"

Guess I shouldn't have applied for an ASM job before my review came up. Duh. Even the ASM who gave me the review was shaking his/her head and...

homertx in Taylor, Texas

credit checks??

have heard that a bad credit report,(collections,high debt etc..)can keep you from a promotion to ASM. Is this true?

sandeigo flethcer in san diego, California

Updated 96 months ago

The Home Depot: You Can Do It, We'll Steal It From You - 1 Reply

THE HOME DEPOT: YOU CAN DO IT, WE’LL STEAL IT FROM YOU LEAGUE CITY, TX (March 10) – A man who helped lead his store in rebuilding Galveston...

sandeigo flethcer in san diego, California

Home depot ASM protect yourself

I suggest very strongly that if you are an ASM for Home Depot that you protect yourself and your job. Do this now. Go to the EEOC website. Look at...

masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

iwas fired

this place

rosmin12 in beaver vally, Nevada


this place sucks

rosmin12 in Butler, Pennsylvania

Does anyone know what questions are on the RMA/business test for managers??

Does anyone know what questions are on the RMA/business test?

mica g

Updated 98 months ago

terminated - 2 Replies

I got terminated for writing lowes on my apron as a joke. Apparently I had it covered with tape until I got a new apron. So day befor that I get into...

Robert Blatchford in St Petersburg, Florida

Ethics, NO Home at the Depot!

Ethics, NO Home at the Depot! Home Depot is out of stock when it comes to the ethical treatment of employees. Home Depot over the past year or...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 98 months ago

Unprofessional Self-serving Mangers are going to be the downfall of the Home Depot - 2 Replies

UNIONS will have no problem getting into the Home Depot NOW. Unprofessional Mangers are going to be the downfall of the Home Depot. They are doing it...

jblows in Ithaca, New York

Updated 99 months ago

Home Depot Inc planning BIG STORE level Changes in 2009 - 2 Replies

Just got off a call yesterday with Regional Store Leadership. The talk of the town is that Home Office wants each store to have PT/FT hours 15%-30%...

HD Insider in West Palm Beach, Florida

Home Depot - Like Many US Companies - Excessive Executive Pay - Exceptionally Low Pay for Associates

Greed is root of all evil in today’s world. So many major industries are in peril due to the absolute piggish hording of all available funds by the...

masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 100 months ago

Calif. health insurance offered by H D - 1 Reply

We live in Southern Ca. What tpe of health insurance is offered. We prefer Blue Cross HMO Thanks for you answers.

tah658 in Louisville, Kentucky

Can someone explain the job application process and the hiring process you had with home depot?

When you apply online, do they give you the employment test of all those different questions or do you have to go in person to take the test at one...

happyd in Ohio

Updated 100 months ago

Does HD allow Husband and wife to work in the same Location - 1 Reply

My wife and I have always worked for the same Company. We would like to keep it that way. Any chance HD would hire a married team, in their 50's?

happyd in Ohio

Updated 100 months ago

New insurance for 2009 - 6 Replies

does anyone know if and how much more the new insurance gonna cost and if the coverage will be the same. You would think now that THD went to a...

Maudlin in Massachusetts

Updated 100 months ago

Employee stealing - 2 Replies

If we turn in a employee that is stealing, is there a reward of some sort if that person is caught and fired?

Bunker_Charles in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

Updated 101 months ago

New discussion for ASM elimination. - 9 Replies

Well, we turned the HR elimination into talks about ASM elimination. I'm a key carrier in a 35mil box, we lost our HR and now the possibility of...

attatae in Valencia, California

Updated 101 months ago

Does Home Depot give referrals to my potential employers? - 2 Replies

Hi, I was wondering about this. Especially if yours truly was fired, do they give references or any indication? Legally I know they could but i...

masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 102 months ago

Labor Ready - 1 Reply

Have any of you sought to get jobs through labor ready (not as an employee behind the counter but as a worker they lotterie the jobs out to). I am...

Matthew Long in Los Angeles, California

Opportunity for Home Depot Employees in Los Angeles Area to Make Extra Money

I worked for Depot for over 3 years. I know you don't make much and it is like pulling teeth to get a raise and even if you get the raise it is chump...

googlin in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Updated 102 months ago

The Home Depot: You can't do it. We aint gonna help - 9 Replies

Yep you might say I am a disgruntled former employee of the Home Depot.

Mattlanta in Alpharetta, Georgia

Updated 103 months ago

Home Depot Merchandising execution mamager - 10 Replies

Does anyone have inside information about the NEW Merchandising Execution teams with Home Depot??? Salaries???

joe broughton in Riverview, Florida

Updated 103 months ago

i would like to go to work im unemployed at pesent time - 1 Reply

i would like to go to work for homedepot,because i have 22 years overall,in the construction industry,i know quite a lot about everything,from...

darren robertson in Mattoon, Illinois

help on the floor

why doesnt home depot have enough help on the floor i work in lumber and building material nad we dont have enough help and customers have walked out...

MR Curious in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 103 months ago

What is the pay for a Customer Service Rep/Resolution Expediter ? - 2 Replies

Interview tomorrow at The Home Depot Store Support Center. THANKS

harold in Los Angeles, California

district phone number

does anyone know it for scottsdale arizona ?

masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 104 months ago

Question on hourly pay. - 1 Reply

I'm applying for sales or somewhere along these lines. What is a honest hourly pay to ask for? I'm 59 and retired.

george amoako in Satellite Provider

Updated 104 months ago

Helpng to make an eco diffrence - 3 Replies

Would'nt it be something if a big box retailer like Home depot took the high road in helping to properly dispose of the new and increasingly popular...

masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 104 months ago

Great Job Great Pay - 1 Reply

I have a totally different experience, I just got hired for a new position, Master Electrician Specialist. They're advertising it nationwide and...

blood orange in eastern, Pennsylvania

Updated 105 months ago

How old do you have to be to work at Home Depot? - 1 Reply

There is a Home Depot opening up in nearby Paterson in July, I was wondering, do you have to be 18 or 16? I've seen both said. Thanks alex

Twist1285 in Sarasota, Florida

Work in Sarasota

Are there any jobs in Sarasota?????? I have a small construction company that just a few months ago I attempted to expand here in Sarasota, and when...

formerHRMforHD in Chicago, Illinois

Status on ex-HRM's and HRS's job search?

I just wanted to created this message thread so that all of the HRM's and HRS's could give updates on their job search. If you have any pointers,...

Casey bruneau in Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Updated 106 months ago

THD - 1 Reply

The Home Depot used to be a great place to work in the beginning, but now is a company ran just by numbers and metrics, and by those who want to be...

kjun67 in Texas

Updated 106 months ago

Some Great THD Math - 4 Replies

I just got through working some math. Wanna see? Let's say the company eliminated 2,200 jobs, but they are going to fill about half of them (just...

malti in Neptune, New Jersey

Updated 106 months ago

Home Depot always put new hiring ad's up on the website - 4 Replies

Whats up with Home Depot putting ad's up every week on the job websites? I applied there dozens of times and one from a city 2 hours away called me...

bennies in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 106 months ago

How are new Inventory Specialists doing? - 1 Reply

Well,in my store-it is the biggest joke yet.The lumber department is completely EMPTY and our outs are over 500 in the store.Now, the managers are...

bennies in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 107 months ago

We had a good run - HR Goodbyes - 1 Reply

I wish everyone who has ever spent a day in an HR Managers chair the best of luck. If you kept your door closed or you were open to your associates...

bennies in Mc Henry, Mississippi

Updated 107 months ago

Inventory Control Associate - 4 Replies

Hello, I see on here that most peoples opinions of working at Home Depot is horrid. I hope that isn't the case for me, because I just got hired to...

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