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blood orange in eastern, Pennsylvania

Updated 116 months ago

How old do you have to be to work at Home Depot? - 1 Reply

There is a Home Depot opening up in nearby Paterson in July, I was wondering, do you have to be 18 or 16? I've seen both said. Thanks alex

Twist1285 in Sarasota, Florida

Work in Sarasota

Are there any jobs in Sarasota?????? I have a small construction company that just a few months ago I attempted to expand here in Sarasota, and when...

formerHRMforHD in Chicago, Illinois

Status on ex-HRM's and HRS's job search?

I just wanted to created this message thread so that all of the HRM's and HRS's could give updates on their job search. If you have any pointers,...

Casey bruneau in Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Updated 117 months ago

THD - 1 Reply

The Home Depot used to be a great place to work in the beginning, but now is a company ran just by numbers and metrics, and by those who want to be...

kjun67 in Texas

Updated 117 months ago

Some Great THD Math - 4 Replies

I just got through working some math. Wanna see? Let's say the company eliminated 2,200 jobs, but they are going to fill about half of them (just...

malti in Neptune, New Jersey

Updated 117 months ago

Home Depot always put new hiring ad's up on the website - 4 Replies

Whats up with Home Depot putting ad's up every week on the job websites? I applied there dozens of times and one from a city 2 hours away called me...

bennies in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 117 months ago

How are new Inventory Specialists doing? - 1 Reply

Well,in my store-it is the biggest joke yet.The lumber department is completely EMPTY and our outs are over 500 in the store.Now, the managers are...

bennies in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 118 months ago

We had a good run - HR Goodbyes - 1 Reply

I wish everyone who has ever spent a day in an HR Managers chair the best of luck. If you kept your door closed or you were open to your associates...

bennies in Mc Henry, Mississippi

Updated 118 months ago

Inventory Control Associate - 4 Replies

Hello, I see on here that most peoples opinions of working at Home Depot is horrid. I hope that isn't the case for me, because I just got hired to...

Northern Girl in Buffalo, New York

What do "Expeditors" do at Home Depot? How much do they get paid?

I was wondering what this postion is and what kind of schedule they have. I know they work up in the front office at my store but am not sure what...

mamma bear in chicago, Illinois

Updated 118 months ago

Assistant Store Managers who are looking for a better opportunity - 3 Replies

Hi, I am a retail recruiter with a well known national chain. We are growing and looking for top notch Assistant Store Managers (currently in the...

Gregzilla in Aberdeen, Mississippi

Updated 118 months ago

crappy hours and managament - 4 Replies

I hated working for Home Depot for two main reasons. I had a Head cashier who always seemed to have something against me. She becasme the schedular....

John Franco in Uniontown, Ohio

Question about the hiring process

Once you take the drug test, are you again contacted by HD to make it "offical". How does the process work?

on the titanic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 119 months ago

Fired for following directives - 1 Reply

I was forced to work the floor as a Retail Manager and told to give additional HR duties to scheduler, then got fired for spending too much time on...

red33 in fortlauderdale, Florida

freight team

have anyone heard of layoffs in the fortlauderdale home depot

sweetpea08 in Illinois

Updated 119 months ago

HR Dumping - 2 Replies

Any hrs wanta talk?

on the titanic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 119 months ago

Home Depot - 17 Replies

Home Depot does not get back ever Are their job ads ligitimate?

on the titanic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 119 months ago

HR M anagers Will Disappear - 1 Reply

TGhe NJ Metro Division recently cancelled their HR Forum. I believe the reasoniong was that the HR position is going away. What a mistake!! The...

ilovemyjobihatemyjob in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Updated 120 months ago

What 's the differences between a sale associate and a sale specialist ? - 3 Replies

Can somebody tell me the differences between a sale associate and a sale specialist ? It seems that the managers themselves have no clues.

Sue2you in Macomb, Michigan

unemployment (underemployment)

just wanted everyone to know that in at my state(Michigan) we can collect underemployment because our jobs were cut to part time. We didn't choose...

jbc2008 in Los Angeles, California

How is the Home Depot Coporate Atlanta location?

I see a lot of comments on people working in the stores...and that is great. I am a college degreed professional more concerned with the dealing in...

Janmariej in Modesto, California

Updated 120 months ago

Consumer thoughts of Home Depot? - 30 Replies

What is your impression of Home Depot as a consumer? do you think that its a good company with helpful, motivated, energetic employees or do you have...


loss prevention

I have a job interview in a few days for HD loss prevention and I live in Washington state where the minimum wage is 8.07 and I was wondreng how much...

HD SUX in Norcross, Georgia

Home Depot cutting jobs, headed for a downward fall

My store is one of the worst in the comapny. I started out as a cashier, making a little bit more than mininum wage, and I was bilingual.( that is...

homersnotfair in Florida

Updated 121 months ago

Layoffs/Transfers in Cedar Rapids area Home Depots? - 5 Replies

I was wondering if anyone knew if Home Depots in the Cedar Rapids area are actually doing this? I heard that close to 20 employees were forced to...

u2 in Somewhere, Texas

It's Time For The Return Of Decency & Ethics At Home Depot!

Stop using your 'Hourly Employees' as scape-goats for your 'bottom line' thinking and mentality! If you want to keep GOOD employees that actually...

jenny raezer in pottsville, Pennsylvania

HR atlanta

Can Anyone get me a a email address please asap!

Brian Kelly in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

Updated 122 months ago

The Truth about HD - Let's Get Real - 3 Replies

I'm truly flabbergasted to find all of these negative posts on here about Home Depot. Let me give you readers some insight as to what exactly is...

command1330 in waterbury, Connecticut

Home Depot Is Big Corporation? Is it safe to give it your information?

Home Depot Customer service down only. Well I am an Ex- Home depot employee. Let’s put it this way, you will never ever get a good customer service...

command1330 in waterbury, Connecticut

Home Depot Is Big Corporation? Is it save to give it your information?

Home Depot Customer service is down only. Well I am an Ex- Home depot employee. Let's put it this way, you will never ever get a good customer...

HDCanada in North Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 124 months ago

drug test - 7 Replies

do they watch you when you give a urine for the drug test?

lisey jensen in Schenectady, New York

Updated 125 months ago

Home Depot Blows - 7 Replies

I was told unless I was black I would never get hired.

Dorothy Smith in Dallas, Texas

Updated 125 months ago

HIRING - 4 Replies

HD always has an onslaught of available positions. The atmosphere is hostile and the HR person is worthless, don't bother applying.

Merchant in Manitoba


First of all be advised HGA is Going bankrupt., their time and relations with Home Depot is poor, consider other companies, this one is on the way...

Bobby Martin in South Walpole, Massachusetts


(Warning from a Guy, not me!) A "heads up" for you and any of your Guy friends who may be regular Home Depot customers. Over the last month I...

Lourdes Garcia in Palmdale, California

Updated 125 months ago

Loss Prevention - 2 Replies

Anyone working as a Loss Prevention Associate? How is it? How's the pay? I just met with the HR person yesterday.

LaurenJ in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Clust EFF

I worked at Home Depot for about a month - it was a total cluster f*&^. Worked as a cashier and after closing we had to all line up at ONE locked...

Davie in Madison, Wisconsin

Updated 125 months ago

Management pay? - 5 Replies

Anyone happen to know what store managers make a year? I've been in management at another home improvement retailer for 14+ years and I'm thinking...

homer can get better in Lansing, Michigan

Updated 125 months ago

New CEO (will he bring positive change) - 1 Reply

Frank CEO of Depot, I hired in under Bob when it was at its worst. I see great things a possible in your leadership. You are bringing a new hire...

jesse alfonso in Clinton, Maryland

Updated 125 months ago

runnning in circles - 38 Replies

well what I will say about home depot is this: My husband applied to HD as a LP manager and received an email back the next week telling him to...

somewhatlovemyjob in Portage, Michigan

Updated 125 months ago

ASKING A ????? - 7 Replies


Emil Miller

Updated 126 months ago

job at h/d - 1 Reply

im a master plumber retired

qa in Denver, Colorado

Updated 126 months ago

I love working at HD - 5 Replies

I love working for The Home Depot. I was hired six months ago, after leaving a medium-sized commercial bank in Omaha. They pay very well if you have...


Updated 126 months ago


I applied at Home Decorators at 8920 Pershall Rd in N. County. They treated me like I was an alien because I was WHITE and over 35. I was MORE...

a friend in Vandalia, Ohio

Updated 126 months ago

depot sux - 2 Replies

they screwed me good...

Jerry in Dallas, Georgia

Working in the Home Depot NOC in Atlanta, GA

Wanting to know if anyone has worked in the NOC for home depot in Atlanta, GA? I have heard some stories about people working in the NOC and I am...

Dan in Saint Louis, Missouri

Home Depot - The MAO Mart of Home Centers

The last CEO got a huge bonus for being fired what does that tell you about the culture there.

HRM in NH, not in in Manchester, New Hampshire

Updated 126 months ago

waste of time - 2 Replies

Does this company NOT think that all the people who apply for jobs are not customers? Why then would they continue to put out employment...

Yes Indeed

Updated 126 months ago

home depot. - 3 Replies

I just quit home depot as a manager. Don't apply there; it's a horrible place. You only get paid for 40 hours, and they work you 70. Don't do it.

Mr. Pink in Hinsdale, Illinois

Why HD S#cks.

At first I was excited when they broke into the Chicago-Metro market some years ago. The service was great, you'd actually trip over people that...

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