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Mike in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 109 months ago

Regional Manager for Washington State? - 1 Reply

I would like to name and email address of the Regional Manager for Washington State. I am not getting any where with the local manager.. The...

Mike in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 109 months ago

Regional Maneger for the Northeast Region - 5 Replies

I need to find out the regional maneger for the northeast. Can you help by providing a name and contact information?

vic in Uledi, Pennsylvania

Updated 109 months ago

home depot - 2 Replies

if you work at home depot and you get fired do what i would do. kick the shit out of whomever fires you. you will feel so much better for it........

Getting Hired in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 109 months ago

I just Finished my Job Interview today - 1 Reply

I just finished a job interview in a one stop career center where there were tons and tons of home depot employees interviewing over 200 people...

Algonquin J Calhoun in Marietta, Georgia

HD Tool Rental Program

Can any HD folks tell me who is in charge of the Tool Rental program for the Southeastern United States? I am interested in getting a job on the...


working from home travel agent

I love working from home with ytb which is your own travel agent business. all you need is people to book trips, car rentals, concert tickets etc....

Hmm in Cumming, Georgia

Updated 109 months ago

Trying to get an interview - 5 Replies

My comment is that I have been trying to get an interview with home depot since the fall of 2006 and I have applied over and over again and even...

Annita in Beckville, Texas

You must be desparate for a job to work at Home Dept!!!!

I applied for a HR Mgr position in Rosenberg, Texas. I was called, phone interview, store interview with regional hr representative and store mgr...

jmk in Glendale, Arizona

Updated 109 months ago

Really Rough Start (WARNING: long winded... I vented sorry) - 1 Reply

I went for my first interview, tried to go for my second one and the guy was sick... two weeks later I get a call saying to come in, then I get...

Val in Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida

On-Line Personal Profile

In the PROFILE MANAGEMENT section of the on-line application, there are various sections for personal information that can be edited at any time, and...

Mike Reed

Updated 110 months ago

Fired for following managers instructions! Work ANYPLACE ELSE if possible! - 1 Reply

Took the job thinking it would be an active job and I'd have some fun. The Juneau store isn;t open yet and the mgrs kept repeating about the lax...

Hannah in Bothell, Washington

Updated 110 months ago

Loss Prevention Manager - 5 Replies

I'm looking for information on the position of Loss Prevention Manager. Salary, bonus and benefits.

andrea storino in Bethany, Oklahoma

cashier job at home depot

i,m looking fot a cashier job at home depot,or wal-mart. i,ve been a cashier for over 35 yrs and i need a job now.

Concerned Ex-Employee in Melrose, Massachusetts

Biggest Waste of Time

Do not apply here. They never, ever call you back after an interview. They have corporate email you that you didn't get the position. It took me four...

j in Athens, Georgia

Updated 110 months ago

Theft of Laptop Leads to lost Data for 5,600 employees. - 5 Replies

So I got the letter dated April 30th thta Home Depot lost a laptop that contained 5,600 employees SS#'s, paycode & bonus amount for SPIF or MIP...

michael in New York, New York

turnover high

If you want to work at home depot, consider that there is a good chance that you will get fired. They will find ways to fire you if they dont like...

underpaid female in Newark, Ohio

Updated 110 months ago

cashier,stocking,even work the lateship you name it - 3 Replies

I went for my first inteveiw,I was told that I was going to be called for my second that has been a month now, and i look at all the job open they...




RJM in Colfax, West Virginia

Home Depot assistant managers pay

What do Home Depot "assistant" store managers make in the mid atlantic region?(not department supervisors) and what hours do they work per week?

Frederick in Winter Park, Florida

Updated 111 months ago

No response - 1 Reply

I have applied for a few positions at a local Home Depot that I am qualified for and have not gotten a response at all...what is that about?


Updated 111 months ago

Cuba being flooded with American refugees - 5 Replies

no jobs, no hope, no money - America is through!!!

40bowtie in Stirling, Ontario

Updated 111 months ago


What a big baby! So I beat you at PIR last Saturday Night, and you can't talk ?

Me in Matawan, New Jersey

Fed up with The Home Depot

Home Depot probably has the most jobs posted in Technology in the Atlanta area. However, they never, ever, ever respond to any of the applications. I...

XXXX in Fairbanks, Alaska

Updated 112 months ago

Website for personality test - 1 Reply

I pre-interviewed on the phone with a HD DSM. He gave me a website to complete a personality assessment online. The website doesn't exist. He...

JW in Concord, New Hampshire

Updated 112 months ago

you don't call nobody - 1 Reply

you guys show ads for jobs but don't call anyone its amazing people really work there i know one person who has a job there and she got hired by her...

unknown in Mount Blanchard, Ohio

I thought the phone center position was eliminated from The Home Depot

I find the ad for this position to be disturbing. I work at the Findlay, Ohio Home Depot and our HR or manager never mentioned that this position was...

Mark Renick


recently interviewed with Home Depot in Memphis for one of two available HR Manager positions. I went through an extremely antiquated testing...

jay blevins in Olympia, Washington

Updated 112 months ago

Jobs at Home Depot - 2 Replies

Talked to an employee at this store. She told me the best way to get your application seen by Human Resources is to apply at one their computer job...

EUDELIA V AMDER in White Lake, Michigan


I am seeking a position where I can used my experience in these potential areas.In which I enjoy doing

LEE TABLANZA in Ocean Shores, Washington

Home Depot Comments

Home Depot seems like they get more comments than anyone Are the jobs even real? If not what does everyone think should be done?

Munchkin in Douglasville, Georgia

Updated 112 months ago

I worked for Hd for 51/2 years and it is not the great company they claim to be - 6 Replies

Let me tell ya, I worked for HD for 51/2 yrs. and they have the lowest moral I have ever encountered in a work situation....They train the DH's to be...

MJ from Chicago in Skokie, Illinois

I thought I would like Home Depot, but.....

Home Depot gave me an opportunity to make a measly $7.80 an hour. For the people that keep applying, I had no experience and I eventually got a call,...

Lew Hoverman in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Updated 113 months ago

Pay at Home depot - 1 Reply

I trained with home depot for a couple of days but decided not work form them after all. I got a w2 from them stating they paid me and I was never...

BEBE in Stone Mountain, Georgia

When you've worked to long and Home Depot does not want to pay for a professional designer.

I worked for Home Depot for over 12years. The last store where I worked, management was concern more with light staff, minimal inventory and as they...


Apple Valley,CA Home Depot

A brand new store that is not very customer oriented. They build near a residential area. Their loading dock is on a residential street. I have seen...

Vinnie Cruz

Updated 113 months ago

What the best and worse about my job. - 4 Replies

I have been unemployeed for about 6 months. Not my choice. Best thing about my job was the people/ patients.I worked w/the public in the medical...

biffula in Arlington, Texas

Updated 113 months ago

Plenty of Good Min Wage jobs in the "new" economy - 1 Reply

I wonder how much stock and bonuses the Home Depot CEO got this year? I hope it was substantial enough for them to buy their 2nd or 3rd...

kaley in Ashland, Ohio

The only people making $ home depot are the top brass.

Home depot is the living shi-s! Working there is like working in a kindergarten! Pay sucks, managers suck.


What the best and worse about my job.

I have been unemployeed for about 6 months. Not my choice. Best thing about my job was the people/ patiets.I worked w/the public in the medical...

cindy in Buffalo, New York

lockport ny home depo

does any one know any thing about this home depo is it any better to apply here or do they suck to

koie in Yukon, Oklahoma

Updated 114 months ago

I am winning Times I applied-17 Times Home Depot replied- 0 - 2 Replies

Do you think if the Revern Jessie Jackson or the Revern Al Sharpton applied, do you think they would get a responce from Home Depot? This is by no...

Jaimie in San Jose, California

Updated 114 months ago

DON'T WORK THERE - 2 Replies

I"m a former employee in the Fairbanks store and lasted 6 months. HR people cater to their friends and make life hell for everyone else. I wasn't...


Home Depot Dominating the Job Board

I did a search for "import" and a bunch of Home Depot ads came up. Most of them didn't have anything to do with imports. I copied a few and did a...

Sonya in Buford, Georgia

Updated 114 months ago

Where to advise HOME DEPOT of your distaste for their "career offer" tactics - 2 Replies

Hey, I just sent my note of disapproval to HD "Investor Relations" email. The link is as follows; http://ir.homedepot.com/comment.cfm I have...

Suzanne in Alpharetta, Georgia

All Air Inc.

This lady called me for interview and I was sick with the flu which was obvious over the phone even, and refused to work with me on an appoitment...

interested in La Place, Louisiana

Updated 114 months ago

you will do all the work yourself - 1 Reply

I am a former employee of the Carrollton HD, working in the very department in which they have an opening. After working there 6 months I find out...

Bob in Dover, New Hampshire

Updated 114 months ago

**** Home Depot - 1 Reply

Remember the old family hardware or lumber store? Remember when things made sense? I don't...

Quintin ( Florida)

Does HD Really have an job?

I would suggest to all to call the Home Depot that is running a job advertisement and see if at store level the job is real or not A Home Depot...

Frank Hubbard in Hermitage, Tennessee

Need people but want interview

I have tried for months to get and interview at the Hermitage TN. store I have to adult friends who work there and yet I can't seem to get anywhere....

Dave Winkleman in Birmingham, Michigan

Updated 114 months ago


The hours and pay absolutely stink, 65 hours plus each week. Any family time?? I interviewed for the job and could of had the Regional Manager...

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