Can you lose your full-time status out of the blue?

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TexasTransplant in Hagerstown, Maryland

84 months ago

I've been working for Home Depot for 3 years now. I started in a store in Texas as a part time associate, however, after I graduated college I transfered to another store in Maryland due to personal issues. I became a full time associate at the Maryland store and I have been working at this store for well over a year now in the garden department. Earlier this week I was approached by my ASM about how I felt about possibly being transfered to being a cashier due to the fact that garden was in dyer need of cutting hours and that our store just lost 3 cashiers. I asked him if I was presenting bad working performance and if that was the reason for the transfer. He told me no and that I was just being transfered because the season is over. I said that I would be ok with it if I didn't lose my salary or my full time hours. He assured me that I would not lose my full time status and that I would be back in garden when the season starts back up again. I asked the same question a few more times in the conversation, just to be sure, and I got the same answer. Well today I got a warning from the main head cashier that they had two full time garden associates transfered to cashiers in the past and after being transfered they were bumped down to part timers. In fact, I do remember one of those two particular associates warning me last year that he was hired on as a full time associate and then bumped down as a part timer when he was transfered to being a cashier. However, to be fair, I was also told afterwards by my department head that the reason why he was bumped down was because the guy was asking for too many days off. But even with me looking at the other side of the story that fear still gets to me. Basically, can someone lose their full time status after being transfered to another department? If I am legally safe from such an action is there something that is written down in the Home Depot handbook that protects me?

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