Cuba being flooded with American refugees

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Dan Theman in Saint Louis, Missouri

99 months ago

no jobs, no hope, no money - America is through!!!

dana in Saint Louis, Missouri

99 months ago

that's so right!

David Hatfield in Gold Hill, Oregon

99 months ago

Everything evolves. After 200 years, Capitolism here has evolved into Greed. What else did you expect?

kalar43 in Grand Rapids, MI in Grand Rapids, Michigan

99 months ago

reply to David Hatfield in Gold Hill, Oregon:

Ahh, nice to see someone else has a good handle on what is
happening to our USA. It has devolved into pure greed and raw sex. Next stop - oblivion. Deja vu like Rome in biblical-times. Very scary.

Grand Rapids, MI

JW in Concord, New Hampshire

99 months ago

Stop scapegoating.

The source of this problem is not the people, but the companies that exploit them and everyone else. Wal-Mart and it's ilk know that these people will work for slave wages because it is still two times more than they would make on their native soil. They knew these people were illegal immigrants. Why isn't everyone up in arms over the company that hired these people?

Focusing on their national heritage and citizenship will not change the penultimate problem that these companies are abusive and uncaring towards workers and customers regardless of their ethnicity. It all it is veiled racism and it makes me sick to believe that anyone of sane mind would stoop so low as to blame someone else for their problems.


98 months ago

Yeah whatever, the problem has nothing to do with illegal immigrant workers, and everything to do with the tax break companies get for sending jobs overseas.

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