Fired for following managers instructions! Work ANYPLACE ELSE if possible!

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dh8 in Juneau, Alaska

124 months ago

Took the job thinking it would be an active job and I'd have some fun. The Juneau store isn;t open yet and the mgrs kept repeating about the lax dress code and how it would change when the store opens.

Asked the HR Mgr about the shorts I was wearing and was told they were fine until the store opens.

Next day, some HR people from other stores come in and I'm pulled into an office for wearing the exact same shorts the HR Mgr approved the day before! The shorts were long work shorts and were cut off but had no fringe or unravelling. They met safety and modesty dress issues all around.

First HR Manager told me it was ok after I explained why I was wearing the shorts. I even told her if they were changing the manager's lax dress instructions I'd be happy to comply with that tomorrow. Thought that matter was done with.

Then HR Manager pulls himself out of a chair and pulls me 2-3' away from my coworkers to tell me "he was instructed to tell me to go home and change but that he wasn't going to do that" and keeps talking like I just violated the dress code on a whim. I remind him HE told me my shorts were fine and he apologized "from the bottom of his heart" and wanted to know "how he could help me comply with the dress code".

Said I needed a days notice to comply with changes just like any other employee. He didn;t like that.

20 mins later, TWO big, old HR women pull me 2' away from my coworkers demanding to know why I hadn;t gone home as instructed. I said what happened but they ignored me.

Wasn't going to return to work but was fired as I was leaving. They refused to meet state law and mail my paycheck; insisting I "report to the store tomorrow, complete my termination paperwork and THEN I'd get my paycheck.

Already filed my wage claim and they'll be getting several surprise visits/fines for things HD likes to hide from employees-WC signs, federal info etc.

Do they actually get people to "report and complete paperwork" to get their pay

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Mike Reed

124 months ago

I would not seek work at the Home Depot, I was a district loss prevention Mgr fired this year for know reason after four years of spotless work. its all about if you know someone that will help you out. if you don't look out cause you can easliy take a fall.

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