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Home Depot in Lewiston, Idaho

110 months ago

HD always has an onslaught of available positions. The atmosphere is hostile and the HR person is worthless, don't bother applying.

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J in South Bay Area

110 months ago

Totally agree. I don't think there is a difference between 99 percent of the management at Home Depot and those who operated the gas chambers and ovens at Aushwitz. The only difference is that the Jews were treated better.

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gilbert fernandez in Lebec, California

109 months ago

I have a totally different experience, I just got hired for a new position, Master Electrician Specialist. They're advertising it nationwide and there are openings in just about every store. they started me at $26.50/HR that equates to about 55K/yr plus O/T and benefits I was surprised that they pay so much for a non management job. there's also new openings for master plumbers. The only req. is to have an active contractor's license within 6mos pryor to hire. Anyone with some electrical experience can take the next step and get licensed and will have a pretty much guaranteed job with good pay. It seems like they're really pushing hard to fill these positions and they're willing to pay top dollar. As a contractor in this market you're lucky to make 35K/yr I love my new hd job!!!!Everything depends on the job and how much they need you. The HR lady practically kissed me when I walked in the door.

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mfilsoof in Atlanta, Georgia

109 months ago

The problem is the ones who are hard-working are abused until they hurt themselves. I now have have a back injury that I have to live with the rest of my life only because my store refused to hire enough people. The only response I received was horrible workman's comp insurance and harrassment. When that didn't work for them they tried firing me. The managers are like farmers: When the mule gets sick they would rather shoot you than help nurse you back to health.

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Dorothy Smith in Dallas, Texas

109 months ago

The Home Depot's HR is worthless dosen't mater how many times you talk with them so you can get a job, they prefer the employees family or friends.

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