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Warwick in Thousand Oaks, California

47 months ago

Three years ago, when I was 59 years old, I applied for a position at Home Depot, online. Subsequently, I was contacted by phone and asked a number of hypothetical questions which I answered to the best of my ability. I never heard from them again. Of course, that left me wondering if I said something wrong, but there was no way to vjnd out. Two years later, I took a temporary job working at a Home Depot Christmas tree lot and it was fun. I got along great with all the employees and satisfying the customers came naturally, as we were all in the groove of the holiday spirit. Then it occurred to us that our lot in Westlake Village was difficult to see and we should have been getting more customers. That's when I went back to the storage container and found a number of large banners. Then I put them high in the air using a 16' ladder. Lo and behold, the banners worked and many new customer exclaimed they never would have known we were there had they not seen them. In fact, they worked so well, our stock was quickly depleted and we had to transfer inventory from local stores. When Christmas Eve came we disassembled the tree bins and cleaned up. We'd had a wonderful time helping people choose their trees and know it was time to part ways. The manager told me, "if you ever want a job at Home Depot, you just give them my name," and as I shook his colleague's hands they echoed his sentiments. Well, I applied at Home Depot again, and I was called into the Teller Road location after passing the phone interview. Once there, I was double teamed by a couple of young ladies who asked me the same hypothetical questions again, such as, "How would you handle an angry customer?" Once again, I said while not taking their anger personally, I would get to the root of their problem and resolve it in the best way possible. After the interview, I made sure the personnel lady had the names of the employees I'd worked with, and she told me not to worry. Well, I never heard from them again.

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