Home Depot Inc planning BIG STORE level Changes in 2009

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rax in Richmond, Virginia

94 months ago

Just got off a call yesterday with Regional Store Leadership. The talk of the town is that Home Office wants each store to have PT/FT hours 15%-30% below forecast projections for labor hours. All current polices relating to attendance is to be enforced. If you are a associate do not use the internet on company time only if it relates to your job.(Had to write up D26 DS) for viewing items on craiglist!) HD help desk as new options to view your cookies and downloaded data based on your login.Did you notice that HD is really pushing PK training in all areas of the store. I will tell your more about it in my next blog when I get back from vacation 12/30/08.


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masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

94 months ago

no big news there, my store's been cutting the poor partimers to the bone and pushing the Power Hour to make it look like we're fully staffed. We've actually increased our sales by over 27%, so that's like a guarantee that they'll continue business as usual and not give us more hours. Does anyone no any 411 on store closures or layoffs? I think at this point it's all hush hush untill they drop the A-bomb on about 2000 associates, I've heard several different versions of the same gossip, check out Theorangebloodbank.com

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jblows in Ithaca, New York

94 months ago

I think they will close a lot of the small stores. I work at one. We barely do 30,000 a day. Its awful. most of us are going crazy because there is nothing to do. Really how many times can you wipe off a display in a day. The other store that is north of us is just as bad. Its a ghost town in there 90% of the time. We do power hour and assocites out number the customers. its awful.

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