Home Depot - Like Many US Companies - Excessive Executive Pay - Exceptionally Low Pay for Associates

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HD Insider in West Palm Beach, Florida

105 months ago

Greed is root of all evil in today�s world. So many major industries are in peril due to the absolute piggish hording of all available funds by the few at the top of the food chain. Greed has ruined many past civilizations, companies, industries, governments and Home Depot. When you have the likes of <Edited by Host: Name Removed>, a not so good CEO for Home Depot, who can heist $210Million plus on his way out the door from being asked to leave the Home Depot because he had ruined the company, while those who toil in the everyday operations of money generators, the store, get by with almost enough to pay the bills of food ,clothing and shelter, this becomes evidence of a problem of greed with all of the rewards of business going to the few .
Most employees at the lower end of the company, those who are the back bone and contact point for the customer, are grossly under paid in that many of the associates can not afford the daily needs of a comfortable life. Then to top that off the company schedulers seem to schedule these employees in an intentional manner to cause a disruption in any other part of any associates life. Weekends off are RARE. Two days off in a row only occur by special request. A set schedule so that someone may fit in a second job to afford life is out of the question.
Most associates are very deserving of good treatment and are very customer friendly. They think firstly of the Home Depot and secondly of themselves or their own family�s needs. Yet their rewards from the Home Depot are non existent other than a skimpy pay and as lousy of a schedule as the scheduler could think of for that associate personally.
In a lot of cases of bad employee relations the fault seems to lay with the ill prepaired department head or in some cases store manager. In other cases such as pay and poor benefits offered to store associates while providing the very best in benefits and pay for corporate executives falls squarely on the HOME Depot Executives, officers and the board of di

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