Home Depot cutting jobs, headed for a downward fall

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hdsux in Norcross, Georgia

120 months ago

My store is one of the worst in the comapny. I started out as a cashier, making a little bit more than mininum wage, and I was bilingual.( that is where I knew home depot isnt a good company).. A few months later, we lost three head cashiers, and I wanted to help out the front end supervisor since me and her were really good together. I got copies of the keys, access to the reports, etc, and I was still a cashier,mind you. Then we got this one bad apple of a cashier, where she didnt like that. She went to Human Resource, and snitched. I was so pist off, my front end supervisor was defending me, and they were told me and her and everyone else on the front that that is terms for termanation. I told the HR, just try me (mind you my mom is a lawyer) showed her right.. So since the bad apple was a part of the problem, she was moved to the Service Desk, them to the IMA ( LOL serves her right since she snitched, and now they are getting rid of her postion I almost got to the position). Everyone knows that the HR is really close to one of the HeadCashier, the bad Apple, and the schuduler. that when we have to positons open for IMA, the schulder tells the HR to give her best freinds the postions, so they can work together, and be off together on weekends.. well now them losing there jobs. OH WELL to bad for them..

about me now.. I work at the Special Services Desk. I like since me and my supervisor are from puertorico. now they want to bring this cashier, she is okay, but she isnt mature enough.. means cutting my hours, all i wanted was fulltime.. and my supervisor wants me as fulltime. The jerk we have as a manager, said you guys need more help, we cant have just you and the supervisor.. I was like that is a load of ____. I really liked working at the service desk, no one to babysit, etc.. less people to worry about.

So I have been talking to the Regional Human Resoucre manager, and we are talking about to investitage my hours, etc..

I am so pist off with HD

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