Is it legal to fire someone for dating an associate who makes a complaint?

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Roger Porton in New York, New York

42 months ago

I made a complaint to management. My supervisor wrote me up for "having a bad attitude". He didn't beat around the bush and told me directly that the reason I was written up was for using the open door policy. So, naturally, I reported retaliation to the store manager. The very next week, I had two write ups (I had worked there for over a year without any disciplinary action until I made the complaint). One was for one aisle that was supposedly unstraightened. Two of us were asked to straighten it, the other guy relaxed at the paint desk while I fixed it. Supposedly, it looked bad the next morning. The other guy closed, I did not. I got written up, noone said a word to the other guy. The other was for being 6 minutes late. I have never received a warning for tardiness or for keeping aisles disorganized. Yet, they fired me and my girlfriend for this (and made an accusation to HR that I started a petition, which came out of nowhere as I have done nothing that could even be confused as starting a petition).

My girlfriend not only had no part in these complaints, but didn't even know I made them. She had worked her way up to DH before stepping down voluntarily, never had a write up, and was in good standing with everyone in the store (not exaggerating).

I already reported this to the labor commission and they are investigating, but I'd like to hear your opinion.

nmthomas in Hyattsville, Maryland

32 months ago

Sounds like something I'm going through with the company right now...I'd like to discuss this with you a little more if you and your girlfriend are interested perhaps I can speak with both of you...I'll send my email in the next reply seeing as this ia a little old and you may very well be on with the next. I'd like to know how things worked out for you

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